Cloud computing and how it benefits your business

Posted on Thursday 19th June

Over the last 5 to 10 years, cloud computing has matured and offers several advantages that, according to recent studies, many businesses are unfortunately unaware of. What kind of benefits are we talking? We'll break it down for you with the help of a few fantastic articles we found on the subject. What is cloud com...

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Do your staff members sometimes need just half a day off?

Posted on Wednesday 18th June

All you need to do is allow half day absences and set the half day point in your absence settings - go to Account Settings from the last icon in your tool bar and then on to Absence Settings. The half day point splits the absence day into two 12 hour periods - if your half day point is at 12:00, yo...

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How to cut down on recruitment costs

Posted on Wednesday 11th June

Recruitment is undoubtedly a major part of any organization’s overall costs and containing these costs is something that management pros frequently have to consider. Recruiter has put together some excellent tips and advice businesses should keep in mind to contain recruitment costs without sacrificing the talent ...

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Do you have employees that are preferred on certain sites or that clients are especially happy with?

Posted on Wednesday 11th June

Every site has a preferred employees list. You can find the option to add an employee into that list by going to a staff member's name in Schedule view and hovering over the little gearwheel shaped icon next to their name. This will open a pop up window where you can choose a si...

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PARiM now available around the world

Posted on Tuesday 10th June

PARiM was originally designed for the UK in mind. However, in the past few months, word about us has started getting around outside of the UK as well, which meant that we inevitably needed more options for our new worldwide friends to customize their PARiM environment according to their needs. Time zone, cur...

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6 Tips on Social Media for Business

Posted on Wednesday 4th June

Are you using social media for business to widen the reach of your company or brand and increase the size of your digital footprint? -No? -Not even just a little? -Are you aware of how using these channels can help you generate leads and win over old and new clients? -Not sure? -Want to get started? ...

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PARiM's new features add even more versatility

Posted on Tuesday 3rd June

Yesterday evening we released a PARiM update along with some exciting new features we've been planning to incorporate for a long time now. Here's a short overview of what we changed and how the new tools help with organizing your business even further. Time zone, currency and date format First of a...

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Do you have sites that require only staff members with certain certificates?

Posted on Thursday 29th May

In addition to staff members, you can also add certificates to sites! You'll see the certificates section when you go to a site's profile page, right under the main info section. If you have added a certificate to a site, it will automatically cross check whether the employee you're assigning to...

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How to make meeting the ACS accreditation criteria for security companies easier

Posted on Monday 26th May

Looking in from the outside, the ACS Accreditation process seems like a useful and necessary scheme. Yet, having undergone many audits in my time, the whole audit process to check paperwork, numbers, systems and procedures can seem daunting and the preparation for it be quite time consuming. Currently there isn’t muc...

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Do you have employees who have a different holiday allowance from other staff members?

Posted on Thursday 22nd May

In addition to setting the default annual holiday allowance in your Account Settings, there's also the option to apply an individual allowance. You can see all the staff absence options on their profile page by clicking on the "Update" button under their absences graph. Here you can overv...

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