Do you have employees who have a different holiday allowance from other staff members?

Posted on Thursday 22nd May

In addition to setting the default annual holiday allowance in your Account Settings, there's also the option to apply an individual allowance. You can see all the staff absence options on their profile page by clicking on the "Update" button under their absences graph. Here you can overv...

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UK local authorities turning to older temporary workers to deliver services

Posted on Thursday 15th May

Staffing Industry Analysts, the global advisor on contingent work, has published an article that states that according to the latest Comensura Government Index, during the financial year of April 2013 to March 2014, temporary labour usage in local authorities and other public bodies increased by +2.7%. This suggests th...

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Have you ever worried about whether the employee you're assigning to a shift has all the necessary qualifications?

Posted on Wednesday 14th May

The new compatibility check on Schedule view lets you know right away if anything is missing or wrong when assigning a shift to a staff member. This way you're notified of any faults or issues from the get go and can deal with them right away. Remember - for additional useful ...

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Are you a larger company with branches in several places or want to define different divisions?

Posted on Friday 9th May

We've now got a departments feature designed for cases just like that! You can find the new section and add departments on your Account Settings page, right under the FAQ section. After defining your different departments or divisions you can then add your staff and site...

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Something awesome is cooking!

Posted on Thursday 8th May

Our team members have been exceptionally excited lately - a few months ago Paul, one of our developers, officially started building something that had been on our minds for quite a while - the PARiM mobile application! We've been on the edge of our seats for a while, and after a lot of hard work we are happy to announc...

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Latest big improvements to PARiM - data import and multiple department structure

Posted on Tuesday 6th May

We've got some exciting news this week – yesterday evening we released yet another new version of PARiM featuring some awesome new tools and a few design changes as well. Here's what's new! Data import Here's probably the most exiting news when it comes to new features - there is now the option to impor...

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Do you have shifts that need covering over and over again at a specific time or a staff member who always has the same shifts?

Posted on Thursday 1st May

Instead of creating a new shift every week for the same thing, you can create a pattern of shifts! To do this: 1. Click on “Add Shift” in your calendar, pick an event or site and positions - just like when adding a normal shift. 2. Then click on the “Add Repeat Pattern” button. ...

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How to get selected as a temporary workforce provider

Posted on Wednesday 30th April

If you are a recruitment agency and you supply temporary staff to larger companies - how are they assessing you? Here are a few key points that we think you should keep in mind when organizing your business. Initial agency questions There are a few classic questions that temporary agencies face quite of...

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How to eliminate the technological barrier?

Posted on Thursday 24th April

Technology has moved so fast and come so far in the last 30 years. Many years ago I used to be the finance director of a company that cleaned 30,000 telephone boxes in the U.K. Now you are hard pressed to find any. I also remember punch cards and computers the size of rooms whirring rhythmically. These days the speed a...

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5 mistakes we make when hiring new people

Posted on Tuesday 22nd April

Choosing the right people to bring on board is one of the most important decisions you have to make. Yet, way too many employers still trip up on the same typical things when searching for that one and only. We recently read a great article on Forbes about the top five hiring mistakes every startup makes - and loved it...

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