Keep zen-like calm with PARiM as the hectic event season gets going

Posted on Monday 29th April

The hustle and bustle of another festival season are almost upon us, and at PARiM we can't wait for our customers to use our proven solution to manage even more event staff than ever before.It doesn't take a lot to succeed in event staffing when you have technology like PARiM. Let us show you how in 3 steps: 1. Your...

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Do more and with more users with our updated plans

Posted on Monday 22nd April

After announcing our new plans, we engaged in a fruitful dialogue with many of our customers. As a result, we have now adjusted our plans to include more features for more users.

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New Pricing Plans and Support Packages

Posted on Thursday 28th February

Additionally, from 1st of May we will launch new support packages: Free 24/7 online support will remain with 24-hour max-response time. As a rule, the answer will come much faster, but we aim to think through problems and to go beyond scripted replies. Optional Priority Support for Business and Pr...

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Our brand new user manual makes it much easier to get started with our workforce software

Posted on Tuesday 19th February

Getting up to speed with PARiM has never been easier as our newly published User Manual will take you step-by-step through the entire solution. In the manual we guide you through from first setting up your account to adjusting advanced scheduling and pay automation according to your business and your processes. T...

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100,000 Users: What's New and What's Coming Soon

Posted on Thursday 14th February

We continue to celebrate reaching 100,000 regular users by revealing our recently introduced features and what we have planned for the next couple of years. The past year the business environment may have been a bit more hectic, but at PARiM we have been quietly building up a genuinely professional solution acros...

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100,000 Users: Let's Take a Road Trip

Posted on Tuesday 5th February

Last week we shared with our clients privately that we reached another big milestone: we reached 100,000 regular users. To celebrate this step in our growth we want to take a look back at we have achieved. We will start with the years 2016 and 2017 and next week we will look at new features released in 2018 as well as ...

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New Feature: Saved Views Bring Clarity to Your Data-Intensive Workflow

Posted on Tuesday 22nd January

Our first release of 2019 gives you a faster workflow and a clearer understanding of your operations in an increasingly data-saturated world. We call this new feature Saved Views A Saved View is simply a set of filters you can save and return to use later on your Calendar, People page or on your Shi...

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It’s 2019 and You Are Still Paying to Get Reports from Your Workforce Software? 
Let’s Change That Now.

Posted on Friday 18th January

Recently our team learned a stunning fact from one of our new customers. In many workforce management systems users have to buy a reporting module. Or even worse, the supplier of the system bills you up to $500/£500 for each individual report you generate. This is a problem during the reporting season, when you nee...

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9 Good Questions to Ask at An Interview

Posted on Tuesday 6th November

The current labour shortage has placed a premium on hiring the right people for both today's slowly but steadily growing economy and for tomorrow, when times may not be as good. While hopping between jobs has become the norm for millennials and the rising generation Z, this short guide aims to sail against the trend...

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Improved Mobile Workforce Management Offering with Shift Publishing and Much More

Posted on Tuesday 23rd October

Today we have released an update to our Android and iPhone (iOS) apps, bringing much needed new features and stability improvements which allow your organisation to schedule and monitor staff in a more seamless manner. Release highlight: shift publishingThe key addition revolves around shift publishing...

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