5 Proven Leadership Styles, Skills and Qualities Captured in Quotes from Successful People

Posted on Monday 22nd October

Leadership is perhaps an overused word but on the other hand, the more it is talked about the scarcer true leaders seem to become. PARiM is a scheduling and workforce management tool for leaders who want to manage both from the heart and from what the data tells them. In order to improve your leadership...

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The Labour Shortage Affects Everyone

Posted on Friday 7th September

The Associated Press reports interesting hiring data from ADP, the payroll processor, how small businesses in the United States are conducting their hiring processes. You can read about the details here but the trend is clear: a labour shortage is looming. Managers react to it differently. Some choose to adapt to the ...

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This is Absolutely Nuts: How Companies Waste 1.3 Billion Dollars a Year on Workforce Software

Posted on Thursday 16th August

This article is another in a series where we give an insider's look at what actually goes on in the field of workforce software. So you can make a better decision in regards what provider to choose. At PARiM, we are not ashamed to be biased here. Pulling back the curtain is not always pretty but it can lead to b...

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What's New in PARiM

Posted on Monday 6th August

PARiM Workforce Software continues to define new frontiers in the staff management and employee scheduling software. We provide features usually meant for enterprise WFM as part of our basic offering at a fraction of the cost. The last couple of months in particular have been full of updates, newly added features and u...

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How to create and use your NHS Staff Bank

Posted on Thursday 21st June

Hospital staff management is a complicated and demanding task. The correct scheduling of shifts and authorisation of staff absences are critical especially when there is a staff shortage and shift gaps. One solution is to create a NHS Staff Bank. Managing these challenges under pressure demands a professional tool. We ...

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Towards Mobile Workforce Management

Posted on Thursday 7th June

The past week PARiM's apps for the iOS and Android platforms were updated to meet the growing challenges organisations face managing a more mobile workforce. Key points regarding the new appsWhile the vast majority of our users enjoyed the updates, a small number experienced issues, which now have been fixed. We off...

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How PARiM Unscrambles GDPR for You

Posted on Wednesday 23rd May

From the very start PARiM has been built with GDPR compliance and its principles at the very core of the system. For example, every deletion is permanent - meaning we do not keep data after you have chosen to delete it. So compliance with GDPR is pretty straightforward for PARiM as a data processor. With GDPR, the ...

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How to Choose Workforce Management Software

Posted on Thursday 17th May

When it comes to what workforce software to use we are blatantly biased at PARiM. But we share your fears and expectations as managers and as business owners and we have a bit of insider know-how that can help you make a better decision. The learning curve makes the differenceIf there is one thing to take away from ...

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Smarter Healthcare Staffing and Scheduling

Posted on Tuesday 15th May

According to research published in the Lancet 2.8 million people over the age of 64 in the United Kingdom will need nursing care and assistance by the year 2025. Disabilities related to dementia are expected to rise 40% and other disabilities by 31% in the 65-84 age demographic. This comes at the time when the c...

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Test Your Scheduling Software

Posted on Monday 16th April

Are you getting the most out of your money invested in your scheduling software provider? To find out, answer these 10 simple questions right now and get a grade for your current provider sent instantly to your email address. The resulting score will tell you whether we at PARiM can provide a better solution, and d...

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