A guide to working time rules: their history, what they are and why they're important

Posted on Monday 17th June

You’ve probably heard of working time rules, working time regulations or the working time directive, and know that it relates to the amount of time that you’re allowed to spend working- but do you know exactly what they are, why we need them, and how they came about in the first place? The History of Working Tim...

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Sports facility management software: 5 ways how PARiM can help you manage your facilities

Posted on Wednesday 12th June

According to management consulting firm A.T. Kearney, more than $620 billion is spent every year on sport, and that’s without taking into account the billions spent on sponsorship or the wellness industry, now worth an eye-watering $4.2 trillion alone as consumers become increasingly conscious about their health and ...

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Nurse scheduling software: top 3 factors for successful nurse scheduling

Posted on Friday 17th May

In 2018 NHS Employers, an organisation bringing together all the trusts governing hospitals and healthcare centres in the National Health Service in England and Wales, surveyed 563 student and qualified nurses across England to find out what would attract them to a role and make them stay in it. The results are quite r...

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The ultimate guide to understaffing: how to fix it in nursing and elsewhere with PARiM

Posted on Thursday 9th May

Understaffing is a situation in which an organisation's lack of employees leads to a poorly run business. Beyond impacting the working climate from the grassroots up, understaffing indicates a more significant set of problems that your company and especially operations managers may have to face but are ill-equipped to ...

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Keep zen-like calm with PARiM as the hectic event season gets going

Posted on Monday 29th April

The hustle and bustle of another festival season are almost upon us, and at PARiM we can't wait for our customers to use our proven solution to manage even more event staff than ever before.It doesn't take a lot to succeed in event staffing when you have technology like PARiM. Let us show you how in 3 steps: 1. Your...

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Do more and with more users with our updated plans

Posted on Monday 22nd April

After announcing our new plans, we engaged in a fruitful dialogue with many of our customers. As a result, we have now adjusted our plans to include more features for more users.

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New Pricing Plans and Support Packages

Posted on Thursday 28th February

Additionally, from 1st of May we will launch new support packages: Free 24/7 online support will remain with 24-hour max-response time. As a rule, the answer will come much faster, but we aim to think through problems and to go beyond scripted replies. Optional Priority Support for Business and Pr...

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Our brand new user manual makes it much easier to get started with our workforce software

Posted on Tuesday 19th February

Getting up to speed with PARiM has never been easier as our newly published User Manual will take you step-by-step through the entire solution. In the manual we guide you through from first setting up your account to adjusting advanced scheduling and pay automation according to your business and your processes. T...

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100,000 Users: What's New and What's Coming Soon

Posted on Thursday 14th February

We continue to celebrate reaching 100,000 regular users by revealing our recently introduced features and what we have planned for the next couple of years. The past year the business environment may have been a bit more hectic, but at PARiM we have been quietly building up a genuinely professional solution acros...

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100,000 Users: Let's Take a Road Trip

Posted on Tuesday 5th February

Last week we shared with our clients privately that we reached another big milestone: we reached 100,000 regular users. To celebrate this step in our growth we want to take a look back at we have achieved. We will start with the years 2016 and 2017 and next week we will look at new features released in 2018 as well as ...

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