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Event Management Software Guide for Event Professionals

Posted on Wednesday 29th November

Introduction Why Should You Trust This Guide? When choosing event management software (EMS) you need someone on your side that can offer a more impartial view of what to look for and what to ask from sales professionals. At PARiM, we provide event staffing management software that 50 000+ people...

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Event Staffing From the Staff´s Perspective

Posted on Thursday 2nd November

We were recently fortunate enough to come across Henry Lecky and Jenni Flett´s blog. They were working the festival circuit during the summer and decided to blog about their experiences at Hoopla Adventures is the journey of a couple who decided to give up their settled lives and tr...

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A Smart Solution to the Challenge of the Zero Hour Contract

Posted on Tuesday 17th October

Why is the Zero Hour Contract a Challenge? The challenge for companies in the Retail, Hospitality, Stadia and Events Management and Care Working sectors is to find a balance between the rapidly fluctuating staffing demands on their organisation and treating their staff and casual staff fairly. One of the c...

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Professional Staff Management Badges

Posted on Wednesday 20th September

Our team at PARiM would like to thank our clients for using PARiM by introducing a badge to display on a client's webpage. It showcases your professionalism and use of PARiM as a professional staff management solution. Why promote professional staff management? The idea of the badge is th...

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Reimagining Staff Management with our New Release

Posted on Wednesday 6th September

The latest version of PARiM’s Staff Management Software is another step in the system’s continued evolution towards providing its users with a state of the art staff management tool that means better management and control of staff costs. Our latest version i...

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PARiM wins both Rising Star & Great User Experience Award for 2017 from

Posted on Wednesday 8th March

PARiM is very proud to receive both the Great User Experience Award and the Rising Star Award for 2017. FinancesOnline is a useful website that allows you to find the best B2B and Finance Solutions allowing you to compare products, read customer reviews and reports from experts on solutions. We are de...

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PARiM wins staff management at a major Global Games Event

Posted on Sunday 21st August

As a result of its excellence in scheduling, staff management, and staff communication PARiM won and is currently handling the staffing of two major global events. Managing Staff at Global Events There are many challenges to scheduling and managing staff at global events, large venues or Stadia s...

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​Workplace Pensions and Uniform Management

Posted on Friday 29th April

Soon every company that has one employee or more will soon have to have a workplace pension whether they want to or not! As Theo Paphitis says "embrace it and #DonotIgnoreIt".You can find out more information here. I believe that it’s a great idea to make people think now about how they are going to pr...

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PARiM launches its new version - Version PINPOINT

Posted on Wednesday 6th January

PARiM is launching its latest version – PINPOINT this week. Why PINPOINT? Well the new version is all about COMMUNICATION and gives our users the ability to send or receive targeted messages by email, SMS or both about changes or actions within the system that they want to know about. Messaging and Noti...

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7 Reasons why we integrated SMS/ Texts into PARiM

Posted on Friday 2nd October

When we were planning PARiM staff management we wanted the core values or underlying principles to be: simplicity — ease of use — visibility — communication We wanted the system to allow the users to work smarter and put everyone on the same page in real time wherever they were! We...

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