The Future of Employee Scheduling

Posted on Thursday 12th April

PARiM, an HR-tech firm challenging the status quo of enterprise software, has released a new version of its award-winning online workforce management suite. The release is focused on improving the employee scheduling experience for employers and workers alike. Working time rules in PARiM ...

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PARiM Simplifies Dealing with the National Minimum Wage and Related Regulations

Posted on Wednesday 28th March

The beginning of April in the UK marks an automatic rise in the national minimum wage. For companies handling large amounts of staff this is a sensitive situation as systems that handle your payroll and pay rates data need to be updated and examined to be compliant with the latest minimum wage requirements. ...

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Free In-Depth ACS Accreditation Guide

Posted on Tuesday 6th March

Most security companies in the U.K aspire to achieve ACS Accreditation thereafter striving to improve their score year on year. At PARiM our team has focused on simplifying this process for our present as well as our new customers. Our work has resulted in an extensive 25-page free guide that we encourage...

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5 Ways to Solve the Biggest Challenges Facing Temporary Staffing with Workforce Software

Posted on Monday 5th March

Across the Western World technology, people´s habits and legislation are changing the rules of business for both temporary staffing agencies and firms that utilise atypical labour for their own needs alike. At PARiM, we are building a world-class workforce software with many of these trends in mind. Du...

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How to Implement 3 Key Hospitality Management Best Practices with Workforce Software

Posted on Friday 2nd March

The Zero Consultants Approach Save Money by Minimising Consultant Fees. Embrace Precise In-House Reporting Tools In-housing is a general trend across sectors that has finally caught on in the hospitality industry. Likewise, the emergence of digital solutions like PARiM, our own workforce software, allow m...

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How to Increase Productivity and Improve Efficiency in 8 Simple Steps with PARiM

Posted on Thursday 1st March

If you are looking for a straightforward way to increase your team´s performance then just 15 minutes of using our workforce software can make a radical long-term impact on your bottom-line. How? Simply follow this guide. However, before you get started you need a PARiM account set up. You can s...

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Business Growth: Want Your Business to Grow? Start Using it Yourself

Posted on Friday 9th February

Growing a successful business is not straightforward; you can work hard, read all the right books, follow all the best advice and still get nowhere. One piece of advice that is often heralded as a golden rule whether you run a restaurant or a retail giant is: ‘the customer always comes first’. I...

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PARiM Recognised as a Successful Growth Company

Posted on Thursday 1st February

Our team was fortunate enough to be selected as the Start-Up of the Week by Estonia´s Biggest IT & Technology Portal "Geenius" (Genius, The portal conducted an interview with one of our company´s founders, Riko. It is a perfect introduction to our workforce management solution and to our long-ter...

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The UK Labour Market in 2018: New Challenges with Labour Pool Size, Regional Differences and Staff Training

Posted on Monday 25th December

We would like to thank Joe Fyans and the non-partisan think-tank Localis for their time in explaining to us their views on local labour market practices. Make sure to head over to the Localis website and download their report "In Place of Work: Influencing Local Labour Markets". ...

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Easy Profile Creation for Staff in PARiM

Posted on Friday 22nd December

A Secure, Smart Process At PARiM we strive to fuse three core principles into our core offering: A secure and reliable service for all of our users. An accurate representation of our clients´ business processes. Read how we advocate professional staff manag...

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