7 Great Benefits of Engaging your Staff

Posted on Wednesday 25th March

In this, my first blog about staff engagement I want to look at the benefits for a company that actively seeks to better engage with its staff. In the second blog I will then discuss ways you can go about achieving a better engagement level with your employees. What is Staff Engagement? ...

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7 Ways to Reduce Absenteeism in your Business

Posted on Wednesday 11th March

I remember a company I used to work for. We had one particular depot where Mondays were always a difficult day. You went to work full of excitement for the start of the week to be almost assaulted with a greater than normal workload and number of issues because customers had let their stock dwindle over the weeken...

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6 More Tips How to be a Better Manager

Posted on Tuesday 24th February

The ethos behind the development of PARiM is to help managers free up time from the repetitive, boring or mundane aspects of their work such as:- emailing work schedules, scheduling itself, timesheet collating, tracking and monitoring absences or holidays, working out what’s happened to employee held...

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Be Awesome and Increase your Value as a Manager

Posted on Wednesday 11th February

If the phrase “mobile workforce management software” doesn’t get you salivating the same way it does me, that’s understandable, you’re not alone. I justify this level of excitement to myself by thinking that it’s ok for me because, in a former career I was an accountant and if I could live my ...

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Useful Tips on How to Manage Subcontractors

Posted on Wednesday 4th February

Subcontracting is when, as a company or individual, you enter into a contractual agreement with a third party to perform a task, shift or job of work. This third party may be a person or corporate body. In an arrangement like this the third party is known as a subcontractor. Many SME...

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Make Managing Remote Employees Easier

Posted on Monday 19th May

It doesn’t matter whether you're a vast corporation with offices and departments scattered around the globe or a small business with some employees that occasionally work out of the office or remotely. You will still have to grapple with the challenge of making remote teams work as effectively or efficiently as peopl...

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Were you wondering How to Improve Lone Worker Safety?

Posted on Friday 16th January

In May 2014, we wrote a blog all about how exceptionally excited our PARiM team members were. That time it was because Paul, one of our developers, had started building the PARiM mobile Android application! Well, as lots of you will know, he did a brilliant job and it’s fantastic! Now in January 2015, we are all bac...

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How to Master your Marketing Event Staffing?

Posted on Tuesday 13th January

These days there are all types of events and marketing including corporate event marketing and the relatively newly termed, experiential marketing. What is Experiential Marketing? Experiential Marketing, which can also be called engagement marketing, event marketing or participati...

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5 Things to Automate that will Help your Staff Management

Posted on Wednesday 7th January

In 2015, time will be an even more valuable and scarce resource for directors and managers of SME’s and I expect many more to utilise staff management software having understood the opportunities that staff management software provides them to improve their business and management style. A few of the ways it ca...

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Help with your Payroll Financial Management - Part 2

Posted on Wednesday 10th December

This week my PARiM Workforce Management Software blog looks again at the Financial Management part of the SIA’s ACS Self Assessment Workbook Guide. If you’ve missed the first four blogs then these can be found on the blog page. As I have mentioned before in this blog series, I am at...

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