Zero Hour Contracts and how they should change

Posted on Friday 1st May
Zero Hours Contracts - Love them or Hate them? In my blog this week I am going to briefly touch on Zero Hour Contracts! Yes, I know quite controversial and love them or hate them, at the moment they are here to stay! “Hang on!” I hear you say “they may not be here to st... Read more »

​Aim to be an Awesome Manager by Giving Better Feedback

Posted on Wednesday 22nd April
A very important part of business communication is “Feedback”. According to Business Dictionary feedback is defined as the “process in which the effect or output of an action is “returned” (or fed-back) to modify the next action. In both business and academic arenas feedback is recog... Read more »

How to Get a Better Work Life Balance

Posted on Monday 13th April
These days with the new flexible working directive coupled with more and more pressure at work and on family time it’s increasingly hard to create the space and time to have a decent work life balance especially if you're trying for that promotion, to start your own business or grow your SME. Not everyone can work ... Read more »

11 Ideas to Jump Start Employee Engagement

Posted on Thursday 26th March
In my first blog, '7 Great benefits of engaging your staff' I defined employee engagement and explained some of the benefits that can come to a business that puts the effort in and manages to engage with its staff. It isn't easy and requires quite a lot of work to start and initiate but it’s worth it as the benefits... Read more »

7 Great Benefits of Engaging your Staff

Posted on Wednesday 25th March
In this, my first blog about staff engagement I want to look at the benefits for a company that actively seeks to better engage with its staff. In the second blog I will then discuss ways you can go about achieving a better engagement level with your employees. What is Staff Engagement? ... Read more »

7 Ways to Reduce Absenteeism in your Business

Posted on Wednesday 11th March
I remember a company I used to work for. We had one particular depot where Mondays were always a difficult day. You went to work full of excitement for the start of the week to be almost assaulted with a greater than normal workload and number of issues because customers had let their stock dwindle over the weeken... Read more »

6 More Tips How to be a Better Manager

Posted on Tuesday 24th February
The ethos behind the development of PARiM is to help managers free up time from the repetitive, boring or mundane aspects of their work such as:- emailing work schedules, scheduling itself, timesheet collating, tracking and monitoring absences or holidays, working out what’s happened to employee held... Read more »
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