The latest update to PARiM introduces 360° employee availability management. It adds easy-to-use employee availability management tools to our mobile apps to complement already present features in our web application suite.

The resulting combination of features for both staff and managers offers an ability to act on real-time availability data, which is vital for any firm that handles hundreds or thousands of staff of different types and that needs to give their operations an edge in terms of speed of operations and communication.

Easy enough for everyone

Once you turn on availability management for your PARiM environment you can forget cumbersome paper sheets or sharing static digital files via e-mail, whether they be employee availability forms, templates or sheets. In many cases, your staff may not know how to fill them correctly & you do not have time to explain.

With PARiM your people can now enjoy a truly effortless user experience: with just a couple of taps in their PARiM mobile app, your people can set themselves as available or unavailable for a complete day, a set of days or for a specific part of a single day or a set of days. Or alternatively, you can do it as a manager for your people.

The entire process truly is as easy as it seems:

Employees of existing customers can start using this feature by downloading the app for iOS here and for Android here in the following days as we release the update step by step to our users. If you can't see the update just yet – wait a few days. If you are new to PARiM, then the best way for your people to experience what PARiM has to offer is by booking a demo here.

Plan confidently with PARiM

PARiM is as powerful for your management as it is easy for your staff. Once a worker sets their unavailability or availability – your supervisors and managers can instantly take advantage of that information when assigning shifts and planning ahead.

This means you give your organisation a clear edge in terms of operational speed and efficiency of communication. Your supervisors get the data they need ASAP and there are no paper sheets or static digital documentation to keep track of nor long chats with staff in WhatsApp or elsewhere to determine their status.

The clarity you need for planning

Efficient operations planning requires clarity and our award-winning design offers that in spades. You can see when someone is available (in light green/lime) or unavailable (in grey) while seamlessly switching between weekly, monthly and quarterly views without page reloads. Planning in PARiM is a real delight:

For example, the screenshot above shows a quite data-intensive setup for a security staffing firm where setting availabilities is encouraged however not mandatory while setting unavailabilities is mandatory.

The more data you add to PARiM – the clearer your point of view becomes.

You can easily imagine a different policy that is more appropriate to your organisation and set up a schedule accordingly in less than 60 seconds. If you are new to PARiM we encourage you to book a demo here and we can help to bring your employee availability policy to life.

Get the latest PARiM app and try it out

Availability management in PARiM is simple. It just works. And you can use it today.

As an existing customer, you can access the feature straightaway from today by turning on the "Allow people to manage unavailability" in Shift Assignment settings and then requesting your people to download the latest versions of the PARiM Mobile app either from the iOS App Store here or the Google Play Store for Android here. If you can't see the update just yet – wait a few days as we are releasing the update incrementally to ensure that we catch any possible errors on the fly.

As a new potential customer – we invite you to schedule a demo with one of our experts to showcase this and many other of our unique features. We would be happy to configure a working set up that offers more than your current solution.

PS! You may ask what happens when your battery is at or near zero and can't use the PARiM mobile app? No worries, your staff can set their availabilities and unavailabilities simply by logging into our Staff Portal with any device - the Staff Portal is available for both mobile and desktop browsers.