Faster Staff Management with Saved Views

Our first release of 2019 gives you a faster workflow and a clearer understanding of your operations in an increasingly data-saturated world.

We call this new feature Saved Views

A Saved View is simply a set of filters you can save and return to use later on your Calendar, People page or on your Shift List. Its power lies in its ability to simplify and structure vital data of your business.

With Saved Views, PARiM becomes the go-to tool for managing staff in a data-rich world. None of our competitors has the toolset for focusing in on data you need as fast.

Here are just two ideas from a near infinite variety of useful applications:

  • Create key groups of people you can quickly switch between in your calendar. Create instantly accessible groups by combining age, location, qualification, department or dozens of other filters.
  • Help your HR team onboard new workers faster and to keep an eye out on expiring visas, certificates or qualifications.

Operation managers need a tool robust enough to thrive in a world drowning in data

  • 90% of the world’s data on the internet has been generated since 2016. Your business is no different. Your operations will generate increasingly more data.
  • According to IBM, humans globally create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day. And that was back in 2013. With that number soon tripling seeing what matters is more and more critical to business.
  • In addition to Saved Views thanks to feedback from our customers in late 2018 we optimised PARiM for quick filtering of large data-sets of thousands of workers. As a result, PARiM is the premier tool for managing information-intensive staff processes.
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