Dear Candidate,

Are you stuck in an infinite jCarousel loop? Have you ever wondered what will happen to your DOM tree with 150 000 elements and with 3 times the amount of on-event handlers? Ever felt that the code of your front end has been forced into looking a lot similar to someones backend? Have you heard of redux+react+node?

If my questions made you interested, then you should definitely read further.

Paul Eller

Job Description

We are looking for a mid to senior level Front-End developer with a can-do attitude, curiosity about new technologies and solid track record in delivering software. Our team is small, very dedicated and everyone has a say in it. You will be expected to learn new stuff, actively participate in solving problems and constantly thinking along. There is no huge management organisation, free dancing lessons or bean bags involved but you will be appreciated, respected and everything you do will actually matter.

Skills And Qualifications

  • Solid JavaScript/CSS/HTML/OOP development background
  • Minimal Linux admin experience
  • Good PHP experience is a great bonus

What are we using?

  • JavaScript/ES6
  • React/Redux
  • SASS
  • NPM
  • Git
  • Docker
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • AWS

If you are curious, I would be glad to set up a chat with you.

Just contact me with your CV attached.
Paul Eller