Get the future of digital shift planning today with Shift Patterns from PARiM

See how we bring professional scheduling and staff management to life for busy NHS teams just like yours.

Leadership is about logistics and communication. In healthcare both revolve around scheduling. So how do you take charge? Every setup is different. See the video how we have taken great care to accommodate many of the seemingly insurmountable challenges you face.

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Workforce Software that Matches Your Requirements

Perfect for flexible working out of the gate.

Providing an environment that supports flexible working and values the time of healthcare workers is becoming a "must-have". We can help.

With PARiM you get hundreds of features that support flexible working out of the box: you can allow people to apply for open shifts that are just right for their skills and location within an hour or two of trying the system. You can also allow people to request absences, set their availabilities and so much more. Most importantly, we can tailor and teach you the software according to your specific needs.

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Workforce Software that Helps to Control Your Staffing Costs

Save money today and in the long-run.

Beyond needing little to no initial investment, the on-going costs are astoundingly low due to our unique pricing model.

When you partner with us, the bulk of the cost is based on the amount of hours you schedule. The fewer hours, the smaller your cost. And the per single scheduled hour cost decreases the more you use the system. Providing comprehensive savings in both good times and bad. Add to that the unique ability to build an unlimited flexible staff pool and there is no better choice for your Trust.

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Here's what you can
set once and forget

Correctly configured shift patterns save time and enable a clearer overview of your workforce and business processes.

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Break and shift lengths

Precisely define break length and shift starting and ending times.

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Periods & repetition frequency

How often should your pattern repeat and how long should it last?

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People assigned to shifts

Designate to which workers does your pattern apply to while creating it.

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Day of the week & holidays

Add days to a pattern with 1-click and check whether to count holidays.

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Location and position

Add patterns to a limitless amount of work locations and job positions.

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Pay & charge rates

Add bespoke rates to all shifts in 
any given pattern.

Turn on/off hundreds of features
for true flexibility

PARiM brings to the table all the tools you need to control staff-related costs, increase margins and improve attendance.

PARiM Workforce Software Features Checklist

Unlimited users

Employees, supervisors, managers,
clients, contractors & freelancers.

PARiM Workforce Software Features Checklist

Absence management

Track absences by day, hour or accrued percentage. Set personal holiday rates.

PARiM Workforce Software Features Checklist

Working time rules

Monitor compliance with relevant local labour laws and regulations.

PARiM Workforce Software Features Checklist

Reminders & reconfirmation

Make sure everybody is where they 
need to be with our confirmation tools

PARiM Workforce Software Features Checklist

Unlimited schedules

Schedules, shifts, shift patterns, open shifts, shift rates & expenses.

Shift Patterns Break

Event management

Event calendar, budgeting and
tracking tools. with open shifts

PARiM Workforce Software Features Checklist

Shift Board

Allow staff to apply to open shifts, send out shift application requests.

PARiM Workforce Software Features Checklist

Free mobile apps

Track time and attendance, manage
schedules and clock-in with iOS & Android.

PARiM Workforce Software Features Checklist

Unlimited locations

Departments, locations, areas, checkpoints, routes and much more.

PARiM Workforce Software Features Checklist

Pay & Charge

Set unique pay and charge rules for shifts, 
locations and staff members.

PARiM Workforce Software Features Checklist

Self-service portals

Allow both your staff and clients see the information they need.

PARiM Workforce Software Features Checklist

Extensive reports

Beautiful dashboards for your data
with CSV exports to Excel and elsewhere