The challenge of organising your people without the aid of technology is becoming insurmountable as the amount of business data an average operations manager has to deal with will grow at least five-fold in the next five years. So, without the right software to help you, managing your staff can quickly become a difficult, arduous and overwhelming task.

At the same time, it's never been easier to take advantage of all the digital world has to offer. By using the right app, your business can schedule employees in a more productive and secure way. The million dollar question is – what is the right solution for you?

Our slanted view is that PARiM is the best employee scheduling software on the market and we recommend you take it for a free test drive; however, you can follow our simple 3-step process criteria to come up with your preference & perspective.

The point is to follow our guide to save hours of decision-making. It is easy to get lost in the different options when in the end, the software should be secondary – you should be able to place most of your energy and focus to your people and the few critical processes that drive your business.

1. User-friendliness

It's fundamental to look for an app that's easy to navigate and meets the level of technical expertise your people possess. Remember, your operations managers and workers may not have the capabilities that top managers in IT or finance have in using business software. There is simply no point investing your time and, potentially money, in an application that your people find challenging to use.

When searching for an app, try to focus on one that has earned itself a solid track-record for its reliability and user-friendly nature. We also advise that you look for a well-designed, simple and clear app to effectively assist you in scheduling employees.

At PARiM, we have spent substantial amounts of time to keeping our online employee scheduling system clean and simple to use while offering some of the most advanced features available to the wider public (without ordering a customised enterprise solution).

2. Read reviews

The online world does have its hindrances and limitations; however, user reviews are not one of them. The consumer has never had as much power to influence the ultimate success and growth of a company. Clients can now leave reviews on an array of sites, including Google and TripAdvisor.

It's the same with business software: sites like G2Crowd, Crozdesk and Capterra (we linked to our profile as a sample) offer the ability for real users to leave verified reviews. It's always helpful to take a quick look at the reviews a scheduling app has received on these sites. At the same time, treat user reviews like a preliminary filter rather than the determining factor of which app you select.

3. Check essential features

The fit between the features an app offers, and your long-term business goals is vital. By keeping an eye out for some of the following features, you'll be more likely to choose an app that will make your life easier:

All it takes are the three essential points

So finding the best possible online employee scheduling app consists of 3 main points:

Thus, by following this simple checklist of just three items, you can find the app that will probably be the most help to you in organising, operating and managing through many years, if not decades. And you should be able to complete selection and validation process anywhere from couple of weeks up to a month.

Our solution, PARiM, is an example of an app that can efficiently assist the needs of your business when it comes to scheduling, tracking and managing your people. However, ours is not necessarily the only option, so we encourage you to take our solution for a free trial alongside our competitors to see what stands out in real life rather than in advertising.