Tracking time with an online app by itself is not hard – y
our workers press a button to clock in and then again to clock out or to take a break. Across the plethora of time clock software on the market, that functionality is deceptively similar. However, the true quality of time clock software and online timesheet apps emerges once you start testing how seamless integration between scheduling, pay tracking and the time tracker really is.

As your business grows, various needs to combine your timesheets with location, pay and shift data arise in ways that are particular to your way of doing business. PARiM's Time and Attendance module's astounding flexibility means that with our workforce software you can configure a matching solution to fit emerging challenges and our pro-active support and onboarding approach means we always work with you to find a solution.

But even if you do not want to go through the fuss of customising everything here are 5 features that PARiM offers that can instantly help you master most of the challenges you will face after more extensive usage of online time and attendance tracking solutions:

1. Massive timesaver: real-time attendance monitoring with visual and sound notifications

With PARiM every shift you schedule and publish appears in a real-time Time Clock view – showcasing their status, time, the person assigned to the shift. Offering your supervisors and managers the ability to instantly clock staff in and out or to approve the timesheet for finished shifts or to correct data connected to each shift – all with a single click. This view is especially loved by situation rooms in hundreds of security firms across the world, who appreciate visual and sound notifications and the ability to enable a full-screen view for the real-time updates to be shown on larger screens.

PARiM's Time Clock view has for the past year and a half also been gaining substantial traction in larger healthcare organisations in the United States and the UK as a much easier way to monitor the work of nurses and other healthcare staff in near real-time. Other proven use cases include monitoring cleaning, catering, IT-support staff and many other types of workers across 20+ industries.

Some of these organisations manage thousands of members of staff with PARiM so the extensive filtering that we offer throughout the system becomes a vital part of their staffing processes. The Time Clock view, in particular, can be filtered with a single click by date, people, location and position as well as status, giving you the flexibility and focus you need.

2. Hidden gem: get an overview of every shift with an Activity Log for each shift

Once you dig beneath the surface of the Time Clock view you can keep discovering powerful features. One of the biggest hidden ones is the Activity Log for each shift, which opens up once you click on any shift in the main view. Within it, PARiM combines the most comprehensive and potent set of data related to understanding individual shifts that any software on the market offers.

You can see all the data required for your operations in a single window. Such as, who created the shift and when, if the shift for reassigned and to whom and by whom and when as well as the clock in times and locations (if location access has been enabled) as well as if the shift has been created automatically by a Shift Pattern and if so by which one and type. All-in-all, depending on your settings you can see up to a couple of dozens of data-points that can give insight and decisively help to resolve issues and conflicts between staff, supervisors and management.

It truly is a thing of beauty and of actual daily value to operations managers in hundreds of organisations just like yours.

3. Trust & verify: GPS-based location sending & geofencing warnings

We could wax lyrical about different forms of time theft for ages but the fact is it happens and we can help you prevent it. At PARiM we have helped managers in a number of cases of real employee time theft by providing detailed data without unnecessarily burdening either workers, supervisors or management. The knowledge that everyone is where they should be gives much-needed peace of mind to you and your clients. Here's how it works:

If you enable location access for PARiM on your mobile devices PARiM can offer you the precise location where each worker has clocked in. Many other solutions also advertise that option, but what they leave unsaid is that in most cases the default GPS and map data they use is surprisingly unreliable for critical work.

In fact, there exists a huge gap between how reliable we as members of the public perceive location data to be and how reliable most commercially available data for dynamic tracking is. In order to ensure accuracy, we have tested all the main mapping data providers and can now, therefore, offer the most precise GPS clock-in data on the market.

However, while the data in itself is nice – it is what you do with it that really makes a difference in your business. For each location, you add to PARiM you can add an allowed radius for clocking under Location Settings.

Checking whether someone has clocked in at the right place is very easy – in Time Clock view PARiM displays a pin next to every shift – a green pin under the pin icon means the person was within the allowed radius and a red pin means they were too far away. Hovering over the pin gives the distance from the location and clicking on the pin opens up a map that helps to place the clock-in place in context to the allowed radius – so if someone falls short a couple dozens of feet or meters or claims to be stuck in traffic, you can verify their claim and the mistake can be forgiven easily and without further ado

While seemingly small addition to your workflow it can be of great value in weeding out time theft – our existing clients in the temp staffing, healthcare and security sectors frequently deal with people who clock in from as far away as different continents.

Another powerful connected feature is the option for your staff to send their location with a simple push of the button at any time they are working on the shift. The sent information appears similarly when hovering or clicking on the pin, giving you a tabular history of GPS data related to clock-ins for each shift.

4. Limit useless chatter: manage meaningful work from a single solution

While many online employee scheduling and time clock applications offer the ability for staff to chat – that is not always helpful. When managing thousands of staff, or even as little as fifty, back-and-forth communication can grow to be more of a detriment to your operations because as managers we want work-related communication, times, locations and instructions to be clear and chat tends to muddle hard-won clarity and purpose.

In contrast, we offer a scheduling and time tracking solution with a focus on an operationally productive set of features that bring true meaning to work. That includes clear, one-way communication with the ability to send instructions alongside each shift or to any selection of staff independently of any shifts via SMS & email. This is especially valued in the temporary staffing and hospitality sectors where staff need short, simple sets of instructions that leave little room for vagueness.

But the focus extends beyond communication into an in-depth professional set of features that combine employee scheduling and time tracking into one. You may start out using PARiM only for time and attendance tracking. However, the chances are that after 3-4 months you will grow to appreciate the ability to automate shifts, track working-time rules and many other features we offer in our scheduling solution. With PARiM, scheduling is more than just dragging shifts to the right work, we also enable you to see advanced data such as labour costs and scheduling conflicts easier than any other solution out there.

Moreover, while most mobile time tracking apps focus on giving staff many nice-to-have features – we focus on providing your management team with the most practical mobile time clock imaginable. With our mobile apps, that come free with our monthly subscription, any manager or supervisor can monitor in real-time and with astounding ease who is late, who is on time, which shifts are running, which are upcoming as well as approve worksheets and publish shifts. For example, here's how managers can publish shifts while on the go:

5. Pay and financial reports: the care your sensitive data needs

Data related to pay is the most sensitive type of information any organisation has, not only in terms of security but also in terms of accuracy and timeliness. However, it is also the most desired bundle of information that everyone wants access to in just the right amounts, time and place. This means that any time clock app needs to be able to provide it to a diverse group of stakeholders: your staff, your accounting department, your supervisors and managers as well as your leadership in a format and medium that fits their way of work.

This is a vital and often ignored part of business that any time clock app worth its salt must address. For its part, PARiM makes this incredibly easy for all involved. To start with, see how simple it is for your staff to view their pay on our mobile apps:

However, PARiM really shines when it comes to providing accounting and management with financial and operational data that they need. The unique Pay Run report is ideal for generating and exporting the regular pay information for your accountants to export to the accounting software of choice. You can utilise filters such as location, department, pay period or even filter by event (if you manage an event-focused business) or specific people to get the data that is vital for you.

Additional reports like the revenue summary are ideal for top management to get a big-picture overview. While other reports such as the timesheet summary position coverage are perfect for supervisors and operations managers for monitoring attendance and costs.

PARiM - the solution for professionals

At PARiM, we concentrate on combining an incredibly simple user experience for staff members with a set of powerful features for supervisors and operations managers. The focused group of solutions we offer, we strongly believe, are best-in-class. That being said, we have barely scratched the surface on what PARiM can do and much of your success in tracking time and attendance in a way that actually saves you time and money depends on your particular businesses processes. For that reason, we are always here to guide you – simply click here to schedule a demo and we will help you get going.