Time Clock & Attendance

Absence management

Human Resources


Staff Self Service

Easy drag & drop Scheduling

Compact calendar view for staff rota

Just drag and drop to assign a shift. Send email or text notifications to everyone involved and you're done.

Open Shifts and Availability

Let your staff plan their own rota.

Reduce phone calls, queries & confusion.

Allow your staff access to the staff portal and save your time. Timesheets online and on mobile 24/7 for all.

Absence and Holiday Management

Keep track on holidays, sicknesses and no shows

Fully customizable absence settings. Set up holiday allowance for the company or individually.

Add absence types exactly for your company needs.

Time and Attendance

Clock in and out on PC, tablet or mobile device

PARiM's iPhone or Android Mobile app record a GPS location of shift start and end.

Time Clock dashboard and notifications help you to manage your workforce in real-time.

We keep your data safe

We can proudly say that PARiM uses high-quality Amazon Web Services.
It enables us to run our system safely and reliably in the cloud.

System Compliance

Our cloud infrastructure is HIPAA and ISO 27001 compliant. We’re using PCI Service Provider Level 1 to process credit card information.

Audit Trail

PARiM keeps a full log of every transaction with IP address, user, and timestamp.

Backups and Reliability

Automatic scheduled backups help to keep your data safe. Replication across regions and infrastructure monitoring prevent data loss.

256-bit SSL encryption

We use industry standard 256-bit SSL encryption protocols to keep your connection safe.

Why choose PARiM for your business?

Who did what – when? Or who's doing what – when? Either way, you'll know the answer when using PARiM software. PARiM helps you plan and manage employee scheduling automatically, keep track on staff in real-time and analyze their work performance.

  • Easy to use for everyone

    Simplified rotas & scheduling and convenient user interface with a quick 3 step set up proccess.

  • Allows efficient planning

    Reduces errors & duplication. Automatic and fast email communication help lessen ambiguity and miscommunication.

  • Tracks assets, certificates & absences

    Aids in regulation compliance, reduces asset loss. No more expired certificates. Instant overview and authorization of staff absences.

  • Save documents to site, staff or client

    Save a document in any format to Site, Staff or Client using the document management feature. Certificates, instructions, reports or contracts can all be stored instantly allowing them to be accessible to the right people at the right time.

  • Time tracking & online timesheet

    Real-time staff tracking for improved time and attendance tracking. Clock in/out on mobile devices and automatically generate timesheets. Paperless online timesheet authorization cuts down on invoice payment delays.

  • Staff analytics and reports

    Our fast reporting feature allows you to run necessary reports and analyse and optimise the management of your workforce. Reports can be instantly emailed to colleagues or clients, printed or created as a pdf.

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