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What you get right now in your trial

Employee Scheduling and Time Clock

  • Professional scheduling, staff and shift management tool
  • Track time and attendance with almost any device imaginable

14-day free trial. Scheduling video intro | Time clock video intro | HR data intro

Workforce Software modules

Absence Management

  • Track absences either by hours, days or accrued percentages
  • Set half day absences, customise and colour code absence types

30-day free trial. Absences video intro

Workforce Software modules

Asset Management

  • Keep track of all your assets
  • Assign assets to employees

30-day free trial.

Workforce Software modules

Event Staffing

  • Schedule shifts for a specific event
  • Event-centric staff communication

30-day free trial. Events Module video intro

Workforce Software modules

Additional SMS, lone worker check calls and NFC/iBeacon 
checkpoint modules enabled upon request when you sign up.