Increase in the use of temporary labour shows importance of flexible working

Posted on Thursday 24th July
According to Staffing Industry Analysts and the latest Comensura Government Index, during April 2013 to March 2014, temporary labour usage in local authorities and other public bodies increased by a total of +2.7%. The increase shows that local authorities are continuously more eager to use temporary workforce to pro... Read more »

Do you need to share documents with all staff members or even just specific ones?

Posted on Thursday 24th July
When uploading new documents on your documents page, you can make them relevant or visible to either all staff or specific employees. Making the document relevant means that the document will show up on the selected staff members' profiles in the Admin portal Making it visible means that the selected staff... Read more »

​Timesheets – challenges of paper recording and the online alternatives

Posted on Monday 21st July
Love them or hate them, paper timesheets have been used by companies for years and years despite the many problems and challenges to overcome when dealing with them. Information collection The process of collecting the information for the completion and submission of timesheets can ... Read more »

How to make your employees happy, motivated and productive

Posted on Thursday 17th July
The UK is now one of the fastest growing western economies. Unemployment in the 3 months to the end of May has fallen to a 5 year low. This is good news, especially if these new jobs are good, long term sustainable jobs in growing profitable industries. However, latest labour market reports suggest that plans for job ... Read more »

Need a shortcut to staff profiles from almost anywhere?

Posted on Wednesday 16th July
On most pages, there is a list of staff members on the left hand side of the screen. To get to a user's profile fast, double click on their name in the list and it will instantly take you there! If you have any additional questions or issues, feel free to email us any time at support@parim.co... Read more »

SIA business licence - who needs it and what does it mean?

Posted on Monday 14th July
Did you know that from 6th April 2015 (subject to Ministerial approval), all regulated UK security businesses that provide licensable individuals under a contract, will need to hold an SIA business licence? Venturesec explains what this means. Which businesses are required to have the licence? Nea... Read more »

New feature in PARiM - staff availability calendar!

Posted on Monday 14th July
Yesterday evening we released another exciting new feature we've been working on - the staff availability calendar! Here's how it works: In addition to requesting absences, staff members can now mark themselves as unavailable for a certain time period in the Staff portal. Setting an unavailability is as e... Read more »
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