Our Pricing Scheme allows you to pick which modules suit you and to only pay for the modules you use.

  • PARiM Pro Simple - always included

    Pro Simple is the foundation on top of which you can build and add the modules you want to, in order to create the Staff Management solution you want.

    • * Unlimited Employees
    • * Unlimited Administrators across 4 access levels
    • * Unlimited Sites and Clients
    • – Scheduling and Shift Management
    • – Time & Attendance with GPS Clock in/out
    • – Shift Patterns
    • – Shift Expenses
    • – Open shifts and Availability
    • – Staff Communication via Email and SMS
    • – Staff Details and Documents
    • – Certificate, Visa and Passport Expiry
    • – 3 Separate Self Service Access Portals for Staff, Management and Clients (if required)
    • – Comprehensive Reporting as standard
    • – Mobile Apps – free to download
  • Leave and Absences

    This module allows you to create, manage and monitor staff holidays and sickness and helps you reduce unauthorised absences.

  • Events

    The Event module allows you to create event teams and manage your schedule and shifts by events. Notify staff by event team and instantly copy that team structure across a number of events to create a whole season of events in minutes.

  • Assets

    Manage and control the assets you hand out to staff such as uniforms or mobile phones. System automatically generates release and return forms and staff can see exactly what they are holding at anytime.

  • Check Calls

    Activating the Check Call System allows you to ensure your staff check in regularly whilst working alone or at night. Check Calls can created by shift or shift pattern and be done by phone call, SMS or using the App.

  • Checkpoints - Beta

    Our Checkpoint module allows you to pinpoint exactly when staff clocked in or passed a particular area of a large site. This allows you to ensure they are doing the tour you want them to and that you have the correct resources at any area of the site.

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