We share a passion for developing software that is more than just another casual tool for managing workforces.

Riko Muttik

Founder, CEO

Riko always finds a way, no matter what - he makes sure the whole team's work is running smoothly and everything we make looks and feels just right for the user.

Risto Urb

Founder, CTO

Risto is in charge of most of the programming magic happening in the PARiM office while managing and supervising a team of highly skilled programming ninjas.

David Duncan

Marketing Director

David uses his extensive business and communication skills and years of experience to lead the marketing team along with all major sales activities.

Janar Muttik

Strategic and Financial Adviser

Janar is the man with the strategic vision. With extensive experience in business strategy, he is able to project even the smallest details long ahead that keeps PARiM around decades from now.

Christina McKenzie

Client Support

Christina is the content creating human typewriter behind every bit of instructional information you'll come across when using PARiM and the person you'll most likely reach first when you contact us.

Paul Eller

Senior/Mobile Developer

All Paul needs is a general idea of where to go, a few cups of tea, and before you know it, the whole office is gathered around his desk to take a look at whatever ridiculously cool feature he's built this time.

Olav Kokovkin

Senior Developer

Olav sometimes randomly gets up from his chair and walks around a bit. So far we've assumed that's when he's thinking extra hard - whatever it is - it seems to be working, so we don't exactly mind.

Our Story


Riko and Risto had a friend working in the security industry who approached them out of frustration at the amount of time it took having to deal with paper timesheets and the complexity and cost of existing workforce systems.


They spent some time researching the industry, the market and the existing solution and decided they would create a software program from scratch that’s core values are good design, simplicity, visibility, transparency and communication.

Start Up

The project's start up was financed by a loan from Start Up Loans Company, the James Caan fronted, government backed 18-30 entrepreneur loan scheme – PARiM received the biggest loan ever given at that stage by Start Up Loans.


David was matched with Riko and Risto by Start Up Loans Direct and became their mentor and on January 1st 2014 joined the company as director in charge of sales and marketing.

Here we are now...

Two offices - head office in London and development office in Tartu, a dedicated team, a complete software product and a long term contract with venture capitalists 7 Ventures.


PARiM Limited

Salisbury House
London Wall

email: info@parim.co

phone: 0203 701 1917