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& Communication
Compact Business Professional
Locations & Roles Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Calendar 1 & 2-Week + Monthly + Quarterly
Scheduling Tools Basic Advanced Advanced
Shift Patterns 100 200 Unlimited
Work & Rest Time Rules 5 10 Unlimited
Cancellation Reasons & Tracking 5 10 Unlimited
Configurable Shifts List
SMS & Email Notifications
Shift Reminders
Availability Management
Shift Application Process
Job & Project Scheduling
HR Data Management Compact Business Professional
Admin Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free Employees included 250 500 Unlimited
Departments 25 50 Unlimited
People Classifications 5 10 Unlimited
Configurable People List
Staff Invitation & Registration
Birthday & Work Anniversary Reminders
Qualification & Certificate Tracking
Leave management Compact Business Professional
Holiday Calendar
Custom Leave Types
3 Ways Holiday Tracking
Time & Attendance Compact Business Professional
Timeclock Dashboard
Timeclock iOS & Android Mobile Apps
Voice & SMS Clocking
Timesheet Approvals
Timeclock Report
Configurable Clocking Radius
Timesheet Auto Approval
Payroll Compact Business Professional
Payroll Export
Pay Rules Standard Advanced June/19 Advanced June/19
Bank Holiday Pay Rules June/19
Overtime Calculation June/19
Custom Pay Periods April/19
Event Management Compact Business Professional
Event Calendar
Event Team Management
Event Budgeting & Forecasting
Clients & Invoicing Compact Business Professional
Client Management
Invoicing Report
Charge Rules April/19 Standard Advanced Advanced
Client Access Portal Full access Full access Full access
Staff Requirement Requests Requires Events
Subcontractors Compact Business Professional
Subcontractor Management
Subcontractor Pay Rules June/19 Standard Advanced Advanced
Statement of Work
Support Compact Business Professional
Varia Compact Business Professional
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