Business Growth: Want Your Business to Grow? Start Using it Yourself

Posted on Friday 9th February
Growing a successful business is not straightforward; you can work hard, read all the right books, follow all the best advice and still get nowhere. One piece of advice that is often heralded as a golden rule whether you run a restaurant or a retail giant is: ‘the customer always comes first’. I... Read more »

The UK Labour Market in 2018: New Challenges with Labour Pool Size, Regional Differences and Staff Training

Posted on Monday 25th December
We would like to thank Joe Fyans and the non-partisan think-tank Localis for their time in explaining to us their views on local labour market practices. Make sure to head over to the Localis website and download their report "In Place of Work: Influencing Local Labour Markets". ... Read more »

Easy Profile Creation for Staff in PARiM

Posted on Friday 22nd December
A Secure, Smart Process At PARiM we strive to fuse three core principles into our core offering: A secure and reliable service for all of our users. An accurate representation of our clients´ business processes. Read how we advocate professional staff manag... Read more »

Our Benefits in Brief: Automatic Accountability and Transparency for Teams and Client Relationships

Posted on Wednesday 20th December
Introducing Action History: Clarity for All PARiM offers reporting tools that professionals in your team crave but probably have given up hope of ever having at their disposal. One of these advanced yet easy to use features is Action History. Action History does what it says - k... Read more »

Holiday Entitlement & Pay Calculator for Temporary Staff

Posted on Thursday 30th November
Reduce the Stress at Payroll Time Payroll can be a stressful time for any organisation, whatever the sector. Large amounts of variable data need to be processed correctly, in a relatively short space of time. Whilst from an organisational perspective one or two m... Read more »

Event Management Software Guide for Event Professionals

Posted on Wednesday 29th November
Introduction Why Should You Trust This Guide? When choosing event management software (EMS) you need someone on your side that can offer a more impartial view of what to look for and what to ask from sales professionals. At PARiM, we provide event staffing management software that 50 000+ people... Read more »