Help to achieve ACS Accreditation using the ACS Self Assessment Workbook Guide – Processes: part 2

Posted on Monday 13th October
This week my PARiM Workforce Management Software blog continues to look at the PROCESSES part of the SIA’s ACS Self Assessment Workbook Guide and deals with the detail of this section. Get the access to the Part 1 here! In this series of blogs I am attempting to simplify and suggest... Read more »

Help to achieve ACS Accreditation using the ACS Self Assessment Workbook Guide – Processes: part 1

Posted on Friday 3rd October
In this series of nine blogs I am attempting to simplify and suggest ways to help your company meet the requirements as laid out in the Self Assessment Workbook Guide. In my opinion the more companies achieve and maintain ACS Accreditation the better. The guide details what you, your company, your staff and clients nee... Read more »

Help for security companies working their way through the ACS Self Assessment Workbook - Strategy

Posted on Monday 22nd September
There are many security companies in the U.K and many start up each year. Through the SIA the UK Government is rightly keen that the security industry be regulated and security companies be encouraged to seek accreditation and affirmation that their systems and procedures are suitable to provide a recognisable and re... Read more »

How to monitor and track SME’s fixed assets?

Posted on Thursday 11th September
What are an SMEs fixed assets? Fixed assets are assets that are purchased by a business for use within that business and can include land, machines, office equipment, trademarks, tablets, pcs, mobile phones and uniforms. For many companies like security and events companies uniforms, mobile phones and... Read more »

7 Communication barriers to avoid for small businesses

Posted on Thursday 4th September
You don’t have to be a communication guru to be good at communicating but it helps when dealing with some of the stakeholders in your business; management, staff or clients. You can reduce the sheer volume of information you communicate by sharing some of it online rather than face to face. Either way many things ne... Read more »

Freeing up time for strategic planning can keep SME's and Start Ups on track

Posted on Friday 22nd August
Last week I wrote about some of the challenges facing Start Ups and SME’s and in this blog I would like to continue with another one of the key issues they face. The time required for the strategic planning and why you, as a Startup or SME should make it a priority. Thinking about or planning to start a business? ... Read more »

5 Essential time saving tips & ideas for SMEs and Startups

Posted on Friday 15th August
As the founder or director of a start up or a SME, there are many challenges and demands on your time especially if you are expanding. You are often the key person within the business the fulcrum around which the business and staff pivot, the glue that keeps it all together and paradoxically the oil that smoothes its o... Read more »

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