New feature in PARiM - staff availability calendar!

Posted on Monday 14th July
Yesterday evening we released another exciting new feature we've been working on - the staff availability calendar! Here's how it works: In addition to requesting absences, staff members can now mark themselves as unavailable for a certain time period in the Staff portal. Setting an unavailability is as e... Read more »

How to meet the challenges of the new flexible working hours policy and manage your staff rota

Posted on Wednesday 9th July
Managing a company with a flexible workforce requires expertise, knowledge, patience and good communication skills and adds another level of complexity and administration that needs to be coped with. With the new flexible working hours legislation we look at the challenges and ways to minimise any administrat... Read more »

PARiM - improved workforce management software with six additional features

Posted on Monday 7th July
Last weekend we released yet another new version of PARiM along with some very exciting new features and updates. Let's have a closer look at what's different! 1. Payroll reports There is now a Payroll section on your Reports page, which will show shifts and paid absences all in one... Read more »

The value of transparent communication in business

Posted on Wednesday 2nd July
Committing to being more transparent in your company operations and communication is becoming more important. It's one thing for a company to celebrate their wins in public, but it takes a lot more to show and tell clients and employees how things are really being done and admit if something hasn't gone as planned. Why... Read more »

5 tips to Luis Suárez on building customer relationships

Posted on Monday 30th June
Nibbling on opponents during a game of football isn't cool. You know what is, though? Building long lasting business relationships. Like with any other relationship, building a strong one between you and your clients doesn't come easy, but needs to be done. What are the key things to keep in mind? We combined five step... Read more »

Do some of your staff members have a personal pay rate?

Posted on Wednesday 25th June
You can appoint an individual staff member rate if needed - just go to an employee's profile page and you'll see their personal rate section right under their main info. If you fill it in, this rate will be applied every time this specific employee is assigned to a shift regardless of w... Read more »

The event organising obstacle course

Posted on Wednesday 25th June
There’s so much to do when organising an event. That’s why you choose a professional - one who can effortlessly create and organise a memorable event, manage their time and resources, schedule their staff effectively, keep you informed, request and welcome your feedback, all whilst displaying transparency and visib... Read more »
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