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Clear Indicators highlight issues

Indicators based on real life situations help you to deal with problems before they arise or become critical

  • See what's up

    Be aware of upcoming appraisals for certificates expiring
  • See what's missing

    One of the most sought after features of staff management software - easy with us.
  • View latest activity

    See the latest activity of your staff
Staff management software screenshot: problem indicators

See how to stop wasting time sifting through staff records by using our new Smart Staff List

Staff management software screenshot: notes

Add notes to individual staff

With notes our staff management software can hold almost any form of staff related data your team needs. Thousands of rows of additional data at your fingertips.

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35+ customizable columns

Set up your staff list view precisely according to your needs and industry standards in seconds. Search and filter staff by location, time or other advanced filters.

  • Staff management software data columns screenshot

Easily import from and export data to Excel

With PARiM you can import or export the data of thousands of staff members and their associated data in the blink of an eye.

Staff management software screenshot: export and import data