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How do you schedule volunteers for an event? View a 75-second real success story

Organising, managing and scheduling volunteers for an event can easily become an overwhelming, complicated and challenging task. However, with the right approach and an understanding of what steps are involved to create a seamless and easy process, scheduling volunteers can be quick and simple. There’s nothing worse than being bombarded with data whilst having to organise endless volunteer availabilities into a clear and concise schedule that meets the needs of both the time schedule of an event as well as the needs of employees.

That’s why we’ve collaborated with the Black Nights Film Festival to explain the most effective, efficient and productive way to schedule volunteers for an event with PARiM. View the video:

By having a reliable, clear and simple process in place, your event can function without being hindered from the complications that can arise out of mismanagement, miscommunication and disorganization. In doing so, you can rest assured your event will operate at its best in an effortless and seamless way so that you can focus on what matters most. When organisation and management are taken care of in the easiest way possible, a significant amount of time and effort is saved that can then be put towards enhancing the overall experience and quality of an event.

An Application To Help Your Scheduling Needs

Whilst technology can have its downsides, when it comes to scheduling volunteers, technology is endlessly beneficial. Digital apps enable businesses to easily, quickly and efficiently organise their volunteers. PARiM Workforce Software is an example of such an app. With in-depth leave management, a focus on time and attendance, rapid human resource’s data management and easy scheduling, it’s for good reason that PARiM is leading the way when it comes to employee management software.

The Success Story

We spoke to the technical manager, Mihkel Salm, from Northern Europe’s Black Nights Film Festival about his experience using the PARiM Software. Salm speaks about his experience of PARiM’s mobile app and how the software enabled the simple and easy scheduling of volunteers.

The Client

The Black Nights Film Festival has over 300 volunteers and technicians Salm has to account for. With an overwhelming amount of data to manage and difficulty communicating clear schedules, daily emails and excel sheets proved an ultimately ineffective way to schedule volunteers. That’s why Salm turned to PARiM Software to relieve the stress and complications that can come from managing such a large workforce.

The Set-Up Of PARiM Software

Salm explained the set-up of the application was simple. After preparing and introducing volunteers to the software, each individual outlined their availabilities. These availabilities were reviewed before publication.

The User-Friendly Nature Of PARiM Software

Within an hour, managers were using the software and around 99% of volunteers reported that they could easily and quickly use the PARiM software. These figures reflect the user-friendly nature of PARiM and why it’s the solution for any employee management issues.

The Process

In order to use PARiM Software, volunteers were briefed on what the app is, how the app works and the installation process. Salm found this to be straight-forward and volunteers were onboard within a short-period of time. Schedules were built based on the volunteers availabilities and after all availabilities were collected and reviewed, the first week’s schedule was published.

The Communication

With a focus on efficient and clear communication, Salm prioritised ensuring conversations required as little back and forth as possible. By ensuring a message was clearly communicated from the outset, structured communication was achieved. Salm also found the PARiM mobile app made the entire process of scheduling volunteers far easier and more enjoyable than if the festival had operated without the app.

The Insights

The time-tracking features of PARiM worked independently, autonomously and effectively. Despite volunteers not requiring the feature, time-tracking is something Salm will look to incorporate within future festivals thanks to PARiM offering the feature. Salm also found that with a human touch, the efficiency of PARiM is further extended.

The Result

Salm ultimately found the PARiM mobile app to be an effective, efficient, supportive and useful tool in scheduling volunteers. With volunteers stating the app was user-friendly and simple, the PARiM Software enabled an effortless and smooth experience for the entire festival. Despite having 300 volunteers to account for, the app proved to be a valuable asset to the management and organization of the festival. Furthermore, the app was intuitive when it came to web admin which enhanced the effectiveness and value of PARiM.

The Verdict

Thus, it’s clear that no matter how big the event, scheduling volunteers can be an easy and simple process when the right steps are followed. We as a collective humanity have never had such extensive and advanced support in the form of technological aid. By utilising all that the digital world has to offer, the potential stress and complications that can arise from managing and organizing a large workforce are significantly reduced. With PARiM Software’s advanced, efficient and reliable mobile app, it’s never been easier to seamlessly and effortless coordinate and schedule volunteers for an event. By listening to the real-life success story of Mihkel Salm and with a team of over 300, it’s clear PARiM’s mobile app is ready to assist, support and meet the scheduling needs of any event.

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