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How to make meeting the ACS accreditation criteria for security companies easier

Looking in from the outside, the ACS Accreditation process seems like a useful and necessary scheme. Yet, having undergone many audits in my time, the whole audit process to check paperwork, numbers, systems and procedures can seem daunting and the preparation for it be quite time consuming. Currently there isn’t much way around the files and files of paper required to be prepared for checking, and let’s face it - there’s not many of us who diligently prepare all this sort of paperwork 100% as we go along!

Let’s blue sky think for a minute, though! What if you could find a cloud based solution (so no I.T costs and in-house support, huge hard drive for data storage, no onerous in-house backup procedure) that kept and managed all of the relevant paperwork, stored it all, backed it up twice a day, kept an audit trail of communication, worksheets, site info, client feedback, incident reports, job specifications, monitored and managed shifts and clock in/out times, allowed your clients to view and interact with the service you provide them with and interfaced with your payroll package...

There is a system like that.

Here are the current ACS Standard Criteria and Indicators according to the official SIA homepage and how PARiM can help you meet all of them:

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