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PARiM - improved workforce management software with six additional features

Last weekend we released yet another new version of PARiM along with some very exciting new features and updates. Let's have a closer look at what's different!

1. Payroll reports

There is now a Payroll section on your Reports page, which will show shifts and paid absences all in one view.

Payroll reports

2. Absences calendar layout

The Absences page is now on your main toolbar and displayed in a calendar view (although you can still see the list view as well), also, you will be able to add new absences on your Schedule page.

Absence page

3. Individual user ID

You can now also add a unique user ID for staff members on their profile.

User ID

4. Staff portal clocking in/out

Staff clock in

Employees can now clock in and out of work in the staff portal and also record their breaks.

5. Open shifts visibility

Open shifts matchWe put an option in account settings to control open shift visibility by position, certificate or preferred list.

Using these means that staff members will see only open shifts if they have the position or certificates required for that shift or if they're in the preferred list for that particular site.

6. New Worksheets location

WorksheetsThe Worksheets page isn't on your main toolbar anymore - we've moved it to the Schedule page.

You can access your worksheets by going to Schedule and clicking on the little paper sheet icon in the top left corner.

If you have any problems with or questions about the new features or any feedback in general, message us at and we'll have a chat!

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