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Were you wondering How to Improve Lone Worker Safety?

In May 2014, we wrote a blog all about how exceptionally excited our PARiM team members were. That time it was because Paul, one of our developers, had started building the PARiM mobile Android application! Well, as lots of you will know, he did a brilliant job and it’s fantastic! Now in January 2015, we are all back on the edge of our seats AGAIN! Why?

Well, we are waiting with baited breath for our new Check Call/ Lone Worker feature to be finalised! This is a very important feature for Security and Event Companies. For us and in terms of these two sectors it is one of the final pieces of the PARiM jigsaw. We are happy to announce that the release of the beta version of this feature is within touching distance!

What does the updated PARiM App look like?

improve lone worker safety

So now we have Apps for both Android and iPhone users that support our fast developing #astonishingsoftware allowing users to manage their info and schedule “wherever they are, whenever they want.

What's the Check Call/ Lone Worker feature going to be like?

We are testing it to be in line with both BS 8484 and the SIA Compliance Guidelines. When asked about the feature Riko Muttik, MD said:-

“the feature fits in or dovetails seamlessly with our existing scheduling program. You can set the feature by site, then by shift setting the parameters how you, as a company want them.”

He added:-

"this has certainly been an exciting challenge for us and as an offering moves us on to the next level. Our goal as a company is to bring Operations, Payroll and HR together into one comprehensive solution that’s flexible and mobile – a totally mobile control room, if you will”.

The feature is designed to allow a Security or Event Company to set the parameters around which they check the safety/ attendance of a lone worker. If that worker fails to clock in within the set parameters then, in the first instance the system alerts his immediate superior (or whoever has been set up within the system). If no action is taken then after a pre-set number of minutes it moves onto the next contact and so on.

What are we planning next?

Not only do we relish and encourage feedback from our growing community of PARiM users but we're constantly brainstorming on what to add to the existing program to make it even more useful and take it to the next level. Staying ahead of the game is an exciting challenge, for all of us at PARiM, especially our developers. So as always keep the feedback coming in and we'll make sure to keep you posted about the progress!

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