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The second part of 2020 promises to bring many new tangible benefits to our customers with a string of new versions lined up that offer both practical value and add a checkmark behind some of the most requested features on our to-do list, showing that we do listen and we do deliver.

First up, coming in November, the Pay Run and Timesheets List release will offer dozens of ways to speed up processes, reduce clutter and needless back-and-forth communication for your operations and payroll teams.

Don't miss the webinars

As both the Pay Run and the Timesheet List deal with critical data, we want to ensure a smooth transition to the new features by offering a set of free webinars that you can now watch on demand:

We stand ready to help you with any questions regarding the release. Reach out to Margot, our Customer Success Manager via

The New Pay Run

We believe innovation can bring relief to even the most stubborn business problems. The reforged Pay Run is a case in point. If you ever had to deal with making sure everyone gets paid the right amount at the right time you can appreciate the sense of relief for your payroll team when data is now each to find, group, correct and lock with features like:

  • A new layout with substantially more grouping and filtering options.
  • Pay Lock for timesheets, expenses, absences and jobs with conflict monitoring and unlocking.
  • The option to run reports by custom pay periods (yes, any period) with just a few clicks.
  • Shared saved views. Now you can save a frequently used report configuration not only for your own use later but also share it with a colleague.
  • Quick links to individual shifts in the Timesheets List. Making correcting details effortless, with changes instantly reflected in the report.

The Pay Lock feature will be exclusively available for our Business and Professional plan clients – a solid reason to consider upgrading.

Timesheet Software | Time Clock Software

The New Timesheets List

Managing timesheets is an essential part of ensuring operational oversight and profitability for many of our customers. This release offers one of those small but substantial jumps in productivity for a critical function of your business which make you think "How on earth did we manage before? This is so much easier."

We envision that Time Clock will remain as your go-to real-time dashboard, but the Timesheets List will become your team's main tool for editing and approving timesheets with a wide range of new capabilities:

  • You can edit, approve or unapprove multiple timesheets at once
  • ... revert timesheet times back to scheduled times
  • ... delete shifts directly in the Timesheets List
  • ... use concepts like scheduled hours, clocked hours, actual hours and payroll hours to analyse and compare timesheets
  • ... decide which hours to send to the Pay Run report: either scheduled or actual hours
  • ... see problems thanks to indicators and filters: late, overtime, left early, out-of-zone, clocked hours not matching scheduled hours.

The Timesheets List will be available to everyone who uses our Time and Attendance module without any additional cost. If you haven't used the module yet – September will be a perfect time to start a 30-day trial and check it out.

Want to upgrade but worried about £€$?

While we want to price PARiM as the premium offering that it is, there are two main ways to save on cost.

  • Case studies. We'd love to do a short one-pager going through the challenges you had prior to using PARiM and how we have helped you.
  • Referrals. We can reward you for each new customer you refer to us. Currently we handle referrals case-by-case as companies referred vary widely in terms of size and other criteria.

Interested in a case study or referring someone? Simply send a quick e-mail to David, our Director of Strategic Partnerships at


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