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PARiM workforce management software - Version 22

It’s now been almost a couple of years since the very first version of PARiM workforce management software was launched.

We are all still very excited about our software and proud of our achievements and the journey we have been on while developing it. The journey definitely wouldn’t have been as efficient and enjoyable without the useful feedback from PARiM’s dedicated users. Thanks to the feedback and the speed of our development we have been able to bring you workforce management software that’s even more tailored to the real needs of the people who manage staff.

Our latest version of PARiM with its additional and improved features, has been developed to minimise the time spent on the administrative tasks and to avoid miscommunication between most company’s greatest and most expensive asset, its employees and management!

Premium features for headache-free staff management!

  • Supervisor role
  • Subcontractors
  • Accurate shift instructions
  • New and improved design
  • Simplified clock in solution.

Every day for the next week we will be announcing and describing the additional features that have been added in the new version of PARiM workforce management software.

PARiM can improve communication between you, your employees, subcontractors and clients not to mention its comprehensive staff management capabilities.

‘Park’ your business staff scheduling burden and miscommunication at PARiM Software’s door and we’ll provide you with an efficient and easy to use solution.

P.S. Keep an eye OUT each day for the New Features announcement and more details about our inexpensive clocking solution.

Make your business more efficient!!
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