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Improved Mobile Workforce Management Offering with Shift Publishing and Much More

Today we have released an update to our Android and iPhone (iOS) apps, bringing much needed new features and stability improvements which allow your organisation to schedule and monitor staff in a more seamless manner.

Release highlight: shift publishing

The key addition revolves around shift publishing. Imagine a workflow where your administrators and supervisors can see a complete overview of their teams' operations with both published and unpublished shift being available right on their mobile devices. Even more importantly they can choose to publish shifts any unpublished shift while on the go.

This is what we have delivered.

Step by step we want to provide you with the confidence that you can fix mismatched schedules and monitor staff on the fly right from your phone. The current release is a small but significant benefit for supervisors who arrive early on location to manage festival, catering or security staff as well as admins who would like to get things done while commuting or need to deal with an urgency while off duty.

The second aspect that operations managers and team leaders expect from us is reliability. It is something that we keep working on every day and this release brings many stability improvements and bug fixes. We are grateful for all of your feedback and as this release proves - things are improving substantially and will continue to do so.

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Wait, there's more. A lot more.

Prevent problems with the new Action Required view

Mobile Workforce Management The thunderbolt icon notifies you every time something needs your attention.
Mobile Workforce Management

In addition to new ways of publishing shifts supervisors and administrators gain a brand new view which we call "Action Required". Just like its desktop equivalent, it is the one place you need to instantly see who is running late or if there is a timesheet that requires your approval.

Better schedule management

Seamless shift loading

We have updated the loading of shifts to your schedule so you no longer have to manually press to sync.

Find the right shift 3x faster

A monthly calendar view on Android and a weekly view on the iPhone allow you to jump to any given day or shift.

Improved time and attendance tracking

Mobile Workforce Management

Useful shift filtering

Filter between running, late and starting shifts right in the Time Clock view for a clearer understanding of your operations.

Mobile Workforce Management

New history view

For every shift we now offer a history of every time your staff have clocked in during that shift. Very handy for solving "he-said-she-said" issues.

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