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PARiM launches Version Zoom of its staff management, scheduling software!

Yesterday we launched the latest version of our staff/ workforce management software - Version Zoom!

Monthly Schedule

Why Zoom? Well one of the great new features allows you to zoom your schedule view from a day, to a week to a month and back again! How useful is that! In my opinion this new version takes PARiM as a staff scheduling or workforce management software onto a whole new level!

The new features we have included in Version Zoom mean you can now:

  • Zoom your Schedule page view from a Day to a Week, to a Month & back again
  • ASSIGN a COLOUR to a position for team make up identification at a glance
  • Create bespoke Groups of Users by clicking on their pictures/ initials & clicking SELECT
  • View the schedule of a bespoke Groups of Sites by just clicking on the sites you want to see & letting them jump to the top!
  • COPY EVENTS. Click on the event in the calendar, hover over the 3 dots next to the name & COPY
  • See INSTANT reports on the TIME CLOCK page displaying lateness, out of zone clock ins, shift variance & overtime
  • Run new Lateness & Overtime Report on the reports page
  • Enjoy a great new range of Print Options for the Schedule page
  • Add expenses to a shift on the Schedule page
  • Specify exact site location using the map pin
  • Don't just send staff their weekly schedule, email them their MONTHLY Schedule
All of our new features were requested at one time or another by our growing community of users.

All these new features make PARiM even more useful and even easier to use!

So if you're struggling with staff management whether that's for Events, Security, Catering, Retail, Manufacturing or Warehousing sign up for a free trial - see how easy it can be and how much simpler your working life can be when PARiM manages the mundane and repetitive and takes it away from you!

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