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PARiM's new features add even more versatility

Yesterday evening we released a PARiM update along with some exciting new features we've been planning to incorporate for a long time now. Here's a short overview of what we changed and how the new tools help with organizing your business even further.

Time zone, currency and date format

First of all, since we are making more and more friends all over the globe, we've added the option to choose a timezone, currency and date format if you're outside of the UK, which helps take personalization of your PARiM environment to a whole new level. The new system options can be found with all the other key settings in the company details management section in Account Settings.

All new reports

Because we know how extremely important it is to have a good overview of everything going on in your company, we've also made significant improvements to reports – they are now more customizable and specific than ever. You can build, filter and manage your reports according to your company's needs, save the views for future use and print or export them into a CSV file.

Data visualization

In addition to having more options to customize your reports, you can now display a lot more useful visual information as well. You can view pretty much all your stats in graph form, which gives you a convenient visual overview of your stats.

Action history search

We're especially excited about the action history search feature, which is also incorporated in the new Reports page – you can now easily search and filter through your entire system action log if you need to find anything pronto.

Your ideas next?

Most of the improvements we make to PARiM start out as requests and ideas from our clients. If you have any comments or feedback of your own, message us at - we'd love to hear what you've got!

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