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Our Benefits in Brief: Automatic Accountability and Transparency for Teams and Client Relationships

Introducing Action History: Clarity for All

PARiM offers reporting tools that professionals in your team crave but probably have given up hope of ever having at their disposal. One of these advanced yet easy to use features is Action History.

Action History does what it says - keeps the history of all the actions taken in the system. Imagine regular conflict-prone situations with a vital client or problematic staff members that far too often dissolve into "He says, she says" back-and-forth e-mails, phone calls and meetings.

Just the excessive emotional stress for all stakeholders involved may make your daily business a burden. With PARiM, there are no worries. Under "Reports" you can find "Action History". That view offers you a three-pronged tool to solve almost any problematic situation with detailed information..:

  • about the action,
  • the user who performed it
  • and the exact time and date when it was done.

One More Reason to Prefer PARiM
The Complete Power of PARiM´s Simplicity At Your Fingertips

Action History is very helpful if something has been done on the system and you need to find out more about it or to track the exact timeline of the related actions taken. For example, a staff member's shift was cancelled and it is unclear who performed this action. You can then go to the Action History report and find this information there - which user cancelled the shift and the exact date and time when this action took place.

It can be used to look up almost anything - when shifts were created, who deleted an event or a staff member, who applied for a shift and who accepted it and so forth.

How to use Action History?

Nothing could be simpler! Use the search field to type in keywords that are relevant to the information that you're looking for. This can be a username, event name or a specific action like 'pattern changed' or 'staff details updated'. That´s it.

It´s Easy to Get Started with PARiM

If your team is searching for a better way to manage your staff then with PARiM there really are no strings attached: signing up takes only a second and we offer auto-magical CSV/Excel import of all of your existing staff data onto our secure servers. More importantly, you only pay for the hours your staff actually tracks.

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