Workforce Software that Matches Your Requirements

Reach your financial goals. Tame the chaos.

With increasing public pressure for healthcare organisations to save money PARiM helps you take complete control of the #1 cost centre; your personnel.

Our solution fits your long-term needs and helps to meet the demands from your stakeholders. Regularly used by over 70 000+ people across the globe and
built to be affordable & easy it becomes more cost-effective the more you use it.

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Workforce Software that Helps to Control Your Staffing Costs

Get shifts filled and things going. Fast.

Start filling unfilled shifts now. Create a repository of open shifts. Drag and drop shifts to staff. Notify staff via SMS, e-mail or push notifications. That's it.

But wait, that is only the start. Automate scheduling with shift patterns. Monitor compliance with working time regulations. Track absences and vacations alike. Manage pay rates. The options are almost limitless but the time to act is now.

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Take real control of your organisation. At last.

See how we bring professional scheduling and staff management to life for busy managers and teams.

Leadership is about logistics and communication. In healthcare both revolve around scheduling. So how do you take charge? Every setup is different. See the video how we have taken great care to accommodate many of the seemingly insurmountable challenges you face.