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The future of Management Software

  • Our Stadium Management software lets you give your clients their very own self service area, as part of the staff scheduling software, you will show them that you can handle more events and business.
  • Improve Efficiency

    Use our shift planning software, staff rota planner and e rostering to eliminate errors, miscommunication and paper. Manage absences and holidays by saving time and money for both you and your clients. You can also gain further insight into how to better manage your workforce.
  • Relationship building

    Choose to switch the third/ client portal on and have the chance to create trust and a better connection with your clients with our unique third portal.
  • Build Trust

    The client portal allows transparency and visibility of services which means better budgeting and management of costs for your clients. Never lose or misplace information again. PARiM will also allow you to scale your staffing needs to meet the demands of your business requirements.
  • Engage and interact

    Automated communication keeps clients and staff instantly up to date and informed.
  • Simplify interactions

    Both you and your staff can instantly see and manage their shifts in the cloud. Our staff portal and staff rota app make this easy for all parties.
  • White label

    Our staff rota software allows you to upload your logo so that it appears an in house program and allows your client to do the same.
  • Secure backed up data

    Never worry about losing your data. Your data is secure and always accessible 24/7 and backed up twice a day.

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