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Our newest update, named Clarity, strengthens the true foundation of your business – your HR data by introducing Employment Types. Employment Types extract instant value from HR by combining customisable employment contracts with bespoke pay schedules, working time rules and absence settings.

Not only does the release help you stay compliant with local labour laws (read how PARiM could help Uber with that particular problem here) but better classification leads to leaner operations for your supervisors with faster scheduling, staff selection and monitoring as well as vastly improved strategic decision-making for your upper management.

And all of that comes packaged with our award-winning user experience that your employees will surely love. See Employment types in action:

If people are your greatest asset – Employment Types could be one of your key tools

Firms around the world echo the statement that their people are their greatest asset. Reflected in the fact that the phrase "our people are our greatest asset" is hosted on more than a million "About us", "Our values" or "Work with us" web pages. Harvard Business Review states that it is a vital component of great corporate culture, and everyone from the Brittish Armed Forces to the best start-ups in the San Francisco Bay Area champions that statement.

However, for most organisations, implementing these words in practice has been difficult, if not impossible.

In today's data-oriented world the problem boils down to two parts: firstly, keeping the information of your employees accessible, accurate and safe and secondly, making use of that data in a way that all stakeholders find valuable.

Simply hosting an up-to-date database of vital employee information requires a combination an easy-to-use user experience with fast filtering and sorting and with employee-friendly legally-compliant data protections. On the other hand, you also need to find a way to use that employee data in your daily operations for scheduling, tracking attendance, pay and absences.

With conventional solutions having best of both worlds can become complicated.

3 ways employment types can instantly help you

With its one-of-a-kind set of blazingly fast filters and Saved Views PARiM offered one of the best solutions for the first part of this equation. By releasing Employment Types we take a strong step forward to offering the second part as well – getting the maximum amount of value from the data you gather. As an example to prove the business prowess unleashed with this update let us quickly explore three big use cases for Employment Types

1. Define different pay periods for different people

This has been a "Holy Grail" for the management and finance teams of temporary staffing firms for decades and as companies start diversifying their workforce between different types of workers is increasingly amongst the most requested processes improvements for internal teams across a plethora of organisations.

PARiM now provides a great solution for this issue. Making life much enjoyable for everyone: your supervisors, accounting team and your workforce. As a consequence, this functionality enables substantial improvements in processing pay runs, which we talk about more here.

In mere seconds, you can specify an infinite variety of pay schedules and attach them to appropriate custom employment types or you can create a custom pay schedule while creating a brand new employment type.

See how you simple it is to add a new Pay Schedule to an existing Employment Type:

2. Monitor specific working time rules in real-time for different people

Another decades-long unfulfilled temp staffing sector requirement that is slowly becoming a mandatory part of every businesss is the need to monitor compliance with an every-growing list of working time rules.

Previously, PARiM already offered enterprise-level working time rules functionality but starting from today you can attach specific working time rules to any employment type you define. This solves the headache of monitoring compliance for diverging groups of workers who each have different sets of applicable rules.

As always, we have made it as easy as possible:

3. Filter and save sets of preferred workers by employment type

Who is the right person to work at each shift is the million dollar question that companies are trying to solve.

At PARiM we see that in practice the power and wisdom of an informed human decision still exceeds the benefits of the first attempts at AI-based scheduling that are emerging, which are often error-prone and today can't deal with the subtleties of employee scheduling. Thus, at PARiM we are focused on providing your supervisors and managers the right data ASAP so they can make the right scheduling decisions.

That's why we created the Saved Views feature in our Calendar and People List views and have added the employment types filter.

Employment Types make PARiM a convincing choice

As PARiM is the only software offering in the market geared at professional staff management without PARiM, any organisation with hundreds or more people needs to have an incredibly extensive documentation required to keep track of just the above-mentioned 3 sets of business data (pay schedules, working time rules & schedules) not to mention thousands of hours of needless back-and-forth in chat apps. Thus, changing to PARiM from paper-based processes or other solutions pays for itself by eliminating most of your paper, printing and storage costs as well as communication inefficencies.

That is not taking into account the massive savings companies have historically had in reducing overhead costs for managing various tasks such as processing pay runs, scheduling or tracking time and attendance. Employment Types multiplies the possible savings PARiM can provide by further reducing the need to manually enter, verify and report vital info. We outlined just three out of the many options for cost-savings.

If you are considering PARiM for your organisation we would be happy to show you how we can unlock even more potential savings and operational improvements with a free online demo.

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