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Keep zen-like calm with PARiM as the hectic event season gets going

The hustle and bustle of another festival season are almost upon us, and at PARiM we can't wait for our customers to use our proven solution to manage even more event staff than ever before.

It doesn't take a lot to succeed in event staffing when you have technology like PARiM. Let us show you how in 3 steps:

1. Your work is about your customers, and PARiM reflects that

The events business is probably the most client-oriented business known to humankind. Moreover, those of us in the industry that are the most relentless in our focus on customers are most likely to succeed. PARiM helps to scale your business not only in terms of revenue but also in terms of profits in an environment that encourages razor-thin margins.

With PARiM you can share schedules, timesheets and documents relevant to each contact person in your client's organisation. There is nothing like having a real, long-term competitive advantage like this.

  • Feel free to showcase your use of PARiM Client Portal when pitching in front of your potential customers. You have something they would not with 95% of other providers..
  • Often, technical solutions take a long time to implement and are one-offs. With PARiM Client Portal you can with just a few clicks instantly deliver the real data your customer wants when they need it most time and time again.

2. Schedule your staff with confidence. Work like no-shows do not matter.

After clients, the other most significant investment of your time and energy goes to your staff. So what is the biggest issue with your workforce during festivals and events? That many of them do not show up.

The right answer to minimising the inevitable no-shows is a professional and proven event staffing process. At PARiM we have carefully thought through the entire process of handling and scheduling event staff in consultation with leading professionals in the UK, the US and across the globe.

With PARiM you can gain another advantage over competitors as no-shows no longer substantially affect your reputation, operations or profitability in the order of magnitude that it does for your competition. A simple sample:

  • Set up your event with all the required shifts for each position with appropriate pay and charge rates.
  • Go to the scheduling calendar and filter down the appropriate staff by criteria such as qualifications.
  • Then drag and drop these shifts to send out shift requests to the appropriate members of staff.
  • Relax and wait for staff to confirm their attendance and monitor the overall completion percentage of the event.
  • Adjust your staffing strategy, priorities and operations before proceeding with the event.
  • Send out final reminders and reconfirmation requests to staff scheduled to work in key positions.
  • After the event utilise the Position Coverage (also known as the Occupancy report) and other reports to analyse your performance and margins.

3. Report. Analyse. Improve your decision-making with extensive reporting tools

This brings us to reporting and analysing your business operations results. Frankly, you will rarely see the full range of reports, with in-depth filtering options, in any other workforce software, and I would include enterprise providers in that list.

One of the critical reports for event staffing managers in terms of value it provides is our one-of-a-kind Position Coverage report. With it you can contrast planned positions with what was allocated in terms of hours, rates and charges as well as allows you to monitor your % coverage by rate range, location or event. The Position Coverage report also calculates your planned gross margin.

Just this one report can transform how you plan and optimise your event staffing. However, it is only one of many.

If you run multiple or even dozens of events at your peak period then both Payroll (soon to be renamed to Pay Run) and Revenue Summary reports give you the vital data to know what to invoice and charge your client as well as what to pay your staff.

If you utilise Time and Attendance tracking in your processes then you can offer radical transparency with our Timesheet Summary and Time Cock reports. Get a complete overview of the actual times your staff clocked in and out for each shift and see related problems and success rate easily from one place. You can further add transparency to your processes by utilising the to see who did and approved what inside PARiM amongst your managers and supervisors.

Finally, all of these reports can be customised to be easily exported as CSV files to your accounting or payroll software.

PARiM remains the most effortless way to give your event staffing business a real and lasting advantage. Our solution has been tried, tested by and proven to work for 100+ event staffing firms from dozens of staff to those with tens of thousands worldwide. Join their ranks; start your journey of improvement by requesting a free demo at

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