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Do more and with more users with our updated plans

After announcing our new plans, we engaged in a fruitful dialogue with many of our customers. As a result, we have now adjusted our plans to include more features for more users.

More users for everyone

One of the fundamental changes is a substantial increase in the number of users each plan offers. Our smallest, Compact, plan now includes up to 250 users - enabling your event or security business to get going and to grow while using PARiM no matter how small your business is.

With the change, PARiM remains the most cost-effective solution available even for smaller firms when it comes to per-user pricing and comparisons.

Our Business plan, ideal for mid-sized companies who are ready to take the next step, is now available for up to 500 users and Professional gives your organisation the ability to manage unlimited users, starting from £149/$199 onwards.

More features for everyone

The other significant change is that customers using Compact and Business plans get access, within reasonable limits, to almost all of our premium and advanced features. To view the limitations that differentiate the lower plan from the Professional plan see our pricing page. Here are three concrete examples showing how the features align with the plans:

Working time rules

For example, PARiM is the only software on the market which offers working time rules across the board, even to our smallest clients. Incrimentally providing more value as your organisation grows and your usage increases.

Shift patterns

Shift patterns, one of the best hidden features of PARiM, are freely available in all 3 plans: even in the lowest, Compact, plan our smaller customers can use up to 100 active patterns. In the Business plan you get up to 200 and Professional offers an unlimited amount of patterns.


We offer 25 departments in the Compact plan and 50 departments in Business and, as usual, an unlimited amount in Professional. That is 1 department for every 10 people or less if you go with the lower plans - which should be plenty to cover most needs for those of us looking for a low-cost solution.

The bottomline is that we still recommend our Professional plan to most businesses - it remains the most cost-effective complete solution on the market. The Professional plan offers exceptional value. However, if that does not work for you - we understand and offer low-cost alternatives with the Compact and Business plans.

More new functionality for everyone

As we promised in our initial pricing update message - every extra penny we earn will go back to the product. As I am typing this, I can hear our team finalising our Contract Types release. That update will add a way to classify staff that companies globally have yearned for a long time but have never gotten from any workforce management software until now.

Besides that, we are also working on our upcoming Pay release, and we can confirm that a team has been set up to start working on our API. We can't wait to share the results of our efforts.

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