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Free In-Depth ACS Accreditation Guide

Most security companies in the U.K aspire to achieve ACS Accreditation thereafter striving to improve their score year on year. At PARiM our team has focused on simplifying this process for our present as well as our new customers. Our work has resulted in an extensive 25-page free guide that we encourage you to download.

On the SIA’s own website they list out the benefits attributed to being accredited. These benefits are as follows:-

  • Being able to distinguish your organisation from the many security providers by achieving ACS Accreditation and allows you to distinguish your organisation as one of the best providers of private security in the UK.
  • You can display the approved contractor plaque and certificate on your premises and on your paperwork – invoices and letterhead.
  • You may also be able to get an advantage because your organisation may be able to get a special dispensation to use security staff whilst their licence applications are being processed
  • You can also make use of the Licence Assistance and Licence Management Services the SIA offer.
  • You appear on the Register of Approved Contractors and you receive copies of the ACS brochure which you can hand out to potential and existing customers. There are two main ways to attain ACS Accreditation – The Standard Route and the Passport Route

Step 1 in this process is the downloading and then completion of the ACS Self-Assessment Workbook, which consists of 9 sections. Most of the sections require well-documented processes and proof of communication. Our guide takes you through the 5 main sections of the workbook.

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Free Setup for New Customers

A professional, security staff management system can greatly assist you in achieving best practice and therefore ACS Accreditation. In addition to giving you tips how to use such a system and meet best practice, PARiM offers you the chance to have a one-stop solution that has many inbuilt features that help you achieve accreditation. Indeed, lots of our new clients find that their score improves just because they have started using PARiM.

We want to further help organisations who download this guide and therefore for a limited time we offer to import all users and associated data, set up settings according to industry best practices and add first schedules for free for those recipients of the guide who decide to become our customers.

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