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PARiM Simplifies Dealing with the National Minimum Wage and Related Regulations

The beginning of April in the UK marks an automatic rise in the national minimum wage. For companies handling large amounts of staff this is a sensitive situation as systems that handle your payroll and pay rates data need to be updated and examined to be compliant with the latest minimum wage requirements.

HMRC compliance officers may carry out inspections of employers at any time. There is no requirement to provide reasons for a minimum wage investigation.

Officers will act in response to complaints that an employer is not paying the minimum wage - whether the complaint is by workers or others. They will also investigate where there may be a risk of non-payment.

Using a professional tool like PARiM can prevent embarassing moments by keeping your pay records always accurate and ready at hand.

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What you need to know

An employer in the UK needs to be aware that there are 6 criminal offences related to the national minimum wage

  • refusal or wilful neglect to pay the minimum wage
  • failing to keep or preserve minimum wage records
  • causing or allowing a false entry to be made in minimum wage records
  • producing or furnishing false records or information
  • intentionally delaying or obstructing a compliance officer
  • refusing or neglecting to answer questions, give information or produce documents to a compliance officer
Read more from the HMRC Internal Manual

Here's how PARiM can help you

Make sure that everyone gets paid the right amount at the right time

With PARiM you can change pay rates depending on the individual, the shift, the client or the job position. Here's how easy it is to change the pay rate for a single shift (and it is as easy across the board):

You can also filter thousands of shifts in seconds to see if any shifts lack pay rates straight in our scheduling calendar view.

Preserve accurate records as required by law and HMRC

PARiM includes a Payroll Report that preserves all of your payroll data as required by regulators. All of our data is further backed up in secure cloud storage

Quickly edit pay records to correct erronous records

In case you spot errors in already assigned rates for transpired shifts you can also change rates for shifts that have already ended with just a few brief clicks.

Produce records easily when HMRC requests

Exporting data to comply with HMRC requests could not be more straightforward. Just one click and you can do a full CSV export of all data in the Payroll Report.

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