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The Future of Employee Scheduling

PARiM, an HR-tech firm challenging the status quo of enterprise software, has released a new version of its award-winning online workforce management suite. The release is focused on improving the employee scheduling experience for employers and workers alike.

Working time rules in PARiM

Working Time Rules

The new version includes working time regulation compliance warnings. Uniquely, PARiM allows your organisation to define unlimited custom working time rules and apply them to individual workers.

As regulations across the world become increasingly more complex and strict PARiM empowers organisations to plan ahead in a carefree manner.

Sort Staff by Proximity

Another key innovation enables sorting staff by proximity to job location. By using this feature managers can increase efficiency and improve staff satisfaction by assigning the right shift to the right worker.

Users can further combine sorting by proximity with filtering staff by any of the included 17 filters. For example, finding a qualified security guard near a client's location by first filtering workers by an appropriate qualification and then sorting by proximity.


A modern solution to an age-old problem

How can I spend less time and money on managing my workforce? At PARiM, we’ve found a thousand different right answers to that question.

PARiM is currently used and been proven to improve the work organisation and management of staff in all sorts of leading organisations around the World in sectors from Security, Festivals, Events and Hospitality, Retail, Warehousing and Healthcare and was used for the organisation of a worldwide sports event. Using should cut administration time and resources. Reducing whole departments to a couple of system users.

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A Calendar Apart

What really sets PARiM apart is our Scheduling Calendar, which offers one-of-a-kind selection of daily, weekly, two-week, monthly and quarterly views. In particular, we recommend trying the two-week view which allows you to know what's going on this week and to plan for the next one from one place, without tedious clicks or page reloads.

1-click shift copying in PARiM

The latest version also adds 1-click copying, moving or changing of multiple shifts. To top it off, we have created one-or-two delightful additions to our 17 unique filters. Adding ways to quickly find the right people for the right shifts.

Schedule Your Own Way

PARiM is built around the principle that each organisation is unique. The easiest way to get to know how these innovations can improve your business is to book a free demo of the system and see it in action yourself. To book a free demo please click here or contact David Duncan, our Director of Partnerships at

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