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How to Implement 3 Key Hospitality Management Best Practices with Workforce Software

The Zero Consultants Approach

Save Money by Minimising Consultant Fees. Embrace Precise In-House Reporting Tools

In-housing is a general trend across sectors that has finally caught on in the hospitality industry. Likewise, the emergence of digital solutions like PARiM, our own workforce software, allow management to cut the army of consultant middle men down in size by enabling easier ways of generating data and insights needed to make better management decisions and to increase long-term profitability of organisations without outside help.

The increasing role of software

While in certain countries such as Germany, consultants are still required by banks to validate your organisation´s business plan in order to gain access to financing - even in that scenario workforce software that outputs relevant pay and other data can simplify your partner´s work significantly and save on the fees that they may charge you.

The global trend will only strengthen as new generations take over management teams and executive boards of boutiques and chains alike. Especially for the younger generation of managers, it seems absurd to save pennies on the salary of the cleaning lady while the consultants get to charge mind-boggling fees for badly formatted PowerPoints.

With PARiM you can precisely control the pay rate of each individual worker, by each department or by each location or facility. And change any of these or thousands of other metrics key to the hospitality sector in seconds - responding to situations as they arise or preventing problems in the first place.

Thus, the role of the consultant is changing - increasingly management will value the consultant for the modern, digital tools that he or she may suggest and how they help to implement that tool to increase profitability and other KPIs.

What we can do for you right now

PARiM is both built and priced for the modern, forward-looking hospitality organisation. Our pricing structure is based on the hours that your staff works - and the more they work the cheaper the hourly rate becomes.

Our pay, time and attendance tracking and reporting tools make complex statistics understandable and every report can be exported in the CSV or PDF formats to other software packages or to Excel and send out to your financing and business partners.

Here´s how it works:

The Welcoming Mindset

Make People Feel Welcome by Fostering a Culture of Giving and Sharing Knowledge

Jan Gunnarsson gave a TedX talk where he shared an approach about making people feel welcomed, wished for and expected as guests and employees. The most successful companies do not think in terms of offering a service but of offering a sincere welcome. The welcoming mindset, as it were, consists of openness, humility, sensibility, respect, presence and dialogue.

Getting down to business

While all of these words may seem soft and airy, fundamental to them is communicating - and while that in itself is a bit of a vague buzzword frequently used in business media and blogs, in real life, it relies on a grounded approach of creating a habit of saying what you do and doing what you say in your organisation.

Some people talk less, some talk more. Some have an accent or unorthodox mannerisms but that need not matter. What is important is that your team has to have the tools for communication and the tools for doing what you promise to do. Otherwise, openness remains a keyword for management meetings and annual reports that staff only snicker at ironically.

Our workforce software, PARiM, not only fosters communication with appropriate communication tools but offers the ability to hold staff accountable - leaving a trail of every action by each employee, contractor, supervisor or manager alike across all of your departments with easy-to-use reporting tools.

What sets our toolset apart is that it can be implemented without leaving your staff feeling under surveillance or facing increased pressure to perform to new standards. It fits your existing processes perfectly.

See how simple it is, for example, to find who deleted what staff in the system:

The Wallet Allocation Rule

Grow Market-Share in the Competitive Hospitality Sector by Understanding What Drives Loyalty

Move beyond simply measuring customer satisfaction and using the Net-Promoter-Score like most of the industry does. Gain an advantage over your peers in your niche with the Wallet Allocation Rule, which is a loyalty metric based on peer-reviewed research and studies.

Or as the authors of that metric say: "Managers know that satisfaction is relative to competitive alternatives. But that isn’t how we actually measure the experience. Satisfaction (and Net Promoter Score) levels are almost always determined based on customers’ ratings of your brand alone."

You need not use their metric, but their research does gesture at the wider change of perspective: of focusing on how your brands rank relative to their competitors in their categories.

What it really means

The crux of the matter is to measure the percentage of the share of wallet of your brand in its niche and compare that with customer rankings of all competing brands in a category. This can be then followed up by more precise questions that pinpoint why a certain brand dominates over others or why another may be lacking in expected growth, despite heavy investment, and so forth.

While the approach is meant for customers - in the current war for high-performing talent it is just as applicable to your workers and even to business partners and consultants.

How we can help

you may be surprised to discover that in our ever more mobile and digital age terms like user experience, design and ease-of-use of digital software and hardware alike pop-up more frequently in staff and customer surveys, without the people surveyed being specifically asked about them. These factors even matter to your business partners. They are increasingly crucial in driving decisions across the full spectrum of stakeholders.

Modern Workforce Software Imagine sending notifications to your employees´ smart watches. This is something you can already do today with PARiM

What software do you use to manage your processes? Is it modern, does it offer mobile options? Is it frequently updated to secure against the latest cyber threats and to add the latest features required by labour and other types of legislation?

Needless to say, PARiM ticks all the above boxes but what is truly important is for you to utilise this opportunity now to gain an advantage at the time where most of the hospitality sector is still stuck in the previous age.

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