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How to Increase Productivity and Improve Efficiency in 8 Simple Steps with PARiM

If you are looking for a straightforward way to increase your team´s performance then just 15 minutes of using our workforce software can make a radical long-term impact on your bottom-line. How? Simply follow this guide.

However, before you get started you need a PARiM account set up. You can sign up for a free 14-day trial, no credit card required. Simply go to our free trial sign-up page enter your e-mail address and choose name for your team. We will e-mail you the login details and BOOM you can take advantage of the tips below.

Ready? Grab a cup of coffee and let´s get started.

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Improve Your Scheduling Skills in an Instant

Probably the most profitable single step any business can take is to start scheduling or improving their scheduling practices. A good schedule raises morale and avoids undue absences and lateness almost automagically. Teams that follow a well thought through schedule meet deadlines seamlessly while the same group of people doing the same job with a poorly built schedule will underperform.

Start Using Auto-Repeating Shift Patterns

Patterns are a great solution if you have employees doing repeating shifts or if you have sites that need to be covered at all times. With PARiM this advanced scheduling process is as straightforward as it gets: simply right-click anywhere on the schedule and select add pattern.

After choosing the Pattern Type you will need to fill in the information about Site, Position and Times. Next, Select the Days for the shifts by clicking on the Day Boxes. On the right, a Calendar Preview will appear as you are creating the shifts so you can see how the pattern will look like over a period of time.

Assign Many Shifts in One Go

Fill the period option allows you to assign multiple shifts to the employee in one go instead of having to drag and drop each shift one by one. Simply assign the first shift, right click on it to open an action menu and select 'Fill period'. A time period window will open where you can select the from and to dates during when you want the shifts to be assigned to the employee.

Become a More Professional Manager with Regular Reports

Reports help you relate your day-to-day activity to your long-term goals. Without easy to read and to export reports it is almost impossible to measure whether your organisation is on the right path and moving at the right speed.

Gain Insights About Staff Performance and Pay

PARiM includes an extensive array of reports including but not limited to: Timesheet Summary; Time Clock reports; Checkpoints; Payroll; Absences and Absence Summaries; Revenue and Revenue Summaries and much more. Below we show an example of the Position Coverage report which is an invaluable tool for organisations where precise scheduling practices are key to their success.

Export Payroll Reports to Your Accounting Software

The easiest and most fool-proof way to ensure payroll data integrity and security is to do a quick CSV export of your monthly payroll from our system and import that data into your accounting software provider. After the first couple of tries, usually the whole process takes only a moment or two.

Make Your Firm More Worker-Friendly

Along with the rise in digital literacy amongst the labour pool expectations how management communicates with workers and how workers view work is increasingly drifting apart from what run-of-the-mill software has to offer. PARiM helps you to erase that gap between expectation and management tools through our modern, worker-friendly approach.

Communicate with Workers Straight from our Staff Management Interface

PARiM makes it a breeze to send out individual or group messages to members of staff. This is a great way to notify of abrupt changes to your organisation´s schedules or other aspects of your business.

Invite People to Apply for Shifts: Let them Choose When and Where to Work

While phrases like "gig economy", "atypical workers", "flexible hours" have saturated the media landscape - conventional workforce management tools often lag behind in allowing you to implement labour practices that the younger generation of workers expects as normal.

PARiM offers an open shifts functionality that allows you to invite any member of staff to apply for the job, without an obligation to do so. Which gives your staff members the freedom and flexibility they are growing accustomed to expect.

Control Your Firm´s Financial Performance

Nothing turns away potential clients and workers alike from your business than the sense that your firm cannot be trusted in financial matters. Conversely, the real secret to attracting positive attention is to build an aura of financial competence and trustworthiness. PARiM offers a straightforward way to manage the salaries of your workers even for organisations with complex operations with different rates for different departments, individuals, positions and per client rates.

Set up automatic pay rates for a position, client or site

Pay rates are one of the most sensitive areas of workforce management, because of the direct and measurable impact on your profit margins that even slight increases or decreases can have. In PARiM we offer a wide range of ways to automate this complex part of your business.

Add individual pay rates when needed

In some cases you may need to apply individual pay rates for specific members of staff.

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