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What's New in PARiM

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PARiM Workforce Software continues to define new frontiers in the staff management and employee scheduling software. We provide features usually meant for enterprise WFM as part of our basic offering at a fraction of the cost.

The last couple of months in particular have been full of updates, newly added features and useful support articles.

"So, show me something new that can I use today"

Shift Actions enable you to copy, delete or assign shifts 3-5x faster. Here's how fast copy and pasting is now:

Copying Multiple Shifts in PARiM Workforce Software

Yeah, it is pretty fast and also surprisingly familiar if you have ever used Excel or other mainstream office software solutions.

Speaking of speed, we have continued to add ever-more instantaneous ways to create new shifts. Here is yet 1 more way PARiM offers a better alternative to get shifts on your calendar:

Creating Multiple Shifts in PARiM Workforce Software

Who can do what job, when and for how long?

Time has proven that legislation regarding working time rules is here to stay. And if recent years serve as a guide the amount of national and international legislation will only increase. The rules differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction so PARiM allows you to define your own rules.

The magic happens when you enable the "show problems" functionality - then you can be notified about potential rule violations right while creating a new shift. It works like this:

Working Time Rules in PARiM Workforce Software

Better video and tutorial support

If you haven’t already had a chance to try the latest features released in our Scheduling update you can watch a brief overview video. Watch it here.

Our YouTube channel offers an easy way to introduce your team to our system. We have already received feedback from a few customers who have found it to be a valuable resource. Please share & subscribe.

We have also made an in-depth video for admins regarding our updated mobile apps. It's available both on Youtube and on our Support Portal.

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