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How to create and use your NHS Staff Bank

Hospital staff management is a complicated and demanding task. The correct scheduling of shifts and authorisation of staff absences are critical especially when there is a staff shortage and shift gaps. One solution is to create a NHS Staff Bank. Managing these challenges under pressure demands a professional tool. We have what you need.

This could be created using NHS Staff BANK from past or present members of your healthcare team, from staff from other NHS trusts or from local medical staffing AGENCIES recruiting or looking to fill open or unfilled shifts resulting from holiday, leave, sickness, training or another sort of absence?

How to create and use your NHS Staff Bank

If you were doing a checklist of the system features you needed to successfully create and implement an NHS staff bank it would be

  • Cloud based and reliable so that both administrators and staff can access it when they need to
  • Extremely easy and quick for staff to use
  • Unrestricted by licences in terms of your management access
  • Cost effective, flexible and wouldn’t have onerous contract conditions or lengthy notice

And it would allow you to

  • Hold as many staff or agencies as you needed to without restrictions
  • Choose whether post up open shifts or allocate them to staff
  • Easily to control who can see open shifts whether that’s by position, preferred team or qualification
  • Allocate shifts to staff you know are available
  • Allocate groups of shifts to agencies to fill
  • See shift statuses at a glance using colour coding

A modern solution to an age-old problem

How can I spend less time and money on managing my workforce? At PARiM, we’ve found a thousand different right answers to that question.

PARiM is currently used and been proven to improve the work organisation and management of staff in all sorts of leading organisations around the World in sectors from Security, Festivals, Events and Hospitality, Retail, Warehousing and Healthcare and was used for the organisation of a worldwide sports event. Using should cut administration time and resources. Reducing whole departments to a couple of system users.

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The staff can then

  • Have their own portal to control how you interact with them
  • Apply for work outside their normal hours
  • Confirm that they have read the shift details and will do the shift
  • Search and see their timesheet for whatever period they need to

Options that would also help

  • Time and Attendance
  • Reduce agency costs in response to Government directives/ advice
  • Notifications if someone is running late, hasn’t clocked out or has clocked out and left early.
  • Manages your certificates, qualifications and visas and reminds you several times if these are expiring

How PARiM can help

Using PARiM, which has all the features above would mean you are more in control of who does what and your monthly agency spend. It would also mean you would have precise, real-time numbers for your in-house vs agency spend and how they stack up to your targets and KPO’s/ KPI’s.

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