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Towards Mobile Workforce Management

The past week PARiM's apps for the iOS and Android platforms were updated to meet the growing challenges organisations face managing a more mobile workforce.

Key points regarding the new apps

While the vast majority of our users enjoyed the updates, a small number experienced issues, which now have been fixed. We offer our sincere apologies to those affected. New features based on this update and coming in the next few months will make this worth your while.

So what can you look forward to with the new apps? There are 3 big themes:

  • Customers can expect a noticeable improvement in terms of reliability.
  • The new redesign enables users to complete their tasks faster.
  • Additional features will come out regularly in 2018 and beyond.

With this initial release we have aimed to solve 2 out of the 3 main issues with our mobile apps: reliability and design.

Brutal honesty leads to a rebirth

While PARiM gets rave reviews and wins awards for our overall solution, our customers were not happy with our mobile offering. We knew our apps could be better and in 2017 we decided to invest in building a team that could make that happen.

The first results of that focus are now available (for free as always) and we encourage everyone to update.

Embracing the long-term solution

We believe we can make a positive impact on your business only if we focus on the long-term. Today, this commitment has resulted in apps that take half as much as space and use far fewer resources. Leading to a faster and a better experience.

As a customer of PARiM you will reap the dividends of our-long term approach. In the following quarters, we will introduce not only many of the capabilities you have requested but will move beyond the current industry frontiers.


A modern solution to an age-old problem

How can I spend less time and money on managing my workforce? At PARiM, we’ve found a thousand different right answers to that question.

PARiM is currently used and been proven to improve the work organisation and management of staff in all sorts of leading organisations around the World in sectors from Security, Festivals, Events and Hospitality, Retail, Warehousing and Healthcare and was used for the organisation of a worldwide sports event. Using should cut administration time and resources. Reducing whole departments to a couple of system users.

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So, back to reliability..

That all sounds good, but what have we done for you right now? The synchronisation between a worker's app and your central PARiM application just works. That means:

  • No more missed notifications
  • No more shift loading errors
  • No more problems with the time clock

.. as long as the phone has a working mobile data or WIFI connection.

Ok, and what about design?

We have rethought the entire user experience to make starting and ending shifts, checking schedules and finding a location seem as natural as possible. The payoff is that..

  • Less tech-savvy users can use the app without assistance
  • Important daily tasks are completed faster and without friction
  • As the apps are almost identical, switching platforms is seamless

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