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Dealing with COVID-19 pandemic can be overwhelming. It is not only the loss of expected revenues that devastates firms but also the fact that the way we work has to change across industries in order to survive the crisis.

Many countries and municipalities demand that only essential staff may work and that these people be properly qualified to do so. This places an additional burden on your business. However, there are ways you can use PARiM to make that a lot easier.

Define the Qualifications

Once you know the qualifications you need, it takes just a couple of seconds to create health and safety-focused qualifications such as "COVID-19 Training" in your Qualification Settings. Here's how:

Assign Specific Qualifications to Specific Locations

You can further refine the process by requiring different qualifications for different locations or even for different areas inside a single location (such as different areas inside a hospital). To do that, go to Locations and set the appropriate required qualifications needed for the specific premise for everyone to be able to work safely.

Assign Qualifications to the Right People

We have set the necessary qualifications and applied them to a Location. Now we are halfway there and only have two steps remaining. Next, you need to add the qualification to the right people that have done the right training and have the right qualifications. This only takes a couple of clicks:

Use Qualifications When Scheduling

You can now go to your Scheduling Calendar and use the filters on the left to instantly get the right staff with the right qualification.

If you want to take it further you can combine this with other filters and save a separate "COVID-19" view by clicking on "Save view".

Why this is very useful

A lot of countries only allow businesses to operate with essential staff that have received the appropriate training. This places particular emphasis in identifying essential staff members along with materials, procedures and equipment that are vital to keeping your firm alive and operating safely in these trying times.

Furthermore, this is an approach based on successful best practices to limit the spread of the virus adopted in Indonesia, Taiwan and in South Korea that can be yet again augmented with physical tests such as frequent temperature taking at least every day, if not every time your essential and appropriately trained staff visit your or your clients' premises.

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