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At PARiM we focus on building the best flexible staff pool software on the planet – our easy to use Open Shifts application process empowers essential staff and organisations across sectors like healthcare, security, agriculture to do more with less time and hassle.

Here are just three ways out of hundreds you can utilise PARiM as a simple sample.

Set Up New Absence Types to Keep Track of The Well Being of Your Staff

With our Absence Management module you can keep track of holiday and absence periods, pay and create bespoke types of absences to fit your processes.

One option is to keep track of workers who have contacted the coronavirus or who want to request time off to deal diffcult circumstances related to the virus with a specific absence type. With PARiM, doing so is easy:

Now your employees can proactively notify you of having tested positive for the virus by requesting an absence. Additonally, Requesting absences can be controlled per each employment type, based on whether absence tracking has been enabled for specific employment type or not.

Add Notes to Shifts Detailing Hygiene Rules and Best Practices

The safety of essential service providers like nurses or staff of delivery services is vital. One uncomplicated measure is to add notes to shift that your people can see that help to reinforce adherence to infenction prevention and control measures. Notes can be added to single shifts or to multiple shifts with shift patterns.

Decrease or Increase Pay Rates based on Position/Location/Client

During these difficult times pay can become a delicate subject that needs to be handled with care. PARiM makes that easy by allowing you to set both pay and charge rates that you can apply to a combination of a specific position, location and client. It works like this:

We are also working on a revolutionary Pay and Charge solution that automates even the most difficult combination of pay. Feel free to request a demo and apply for the BETA version. We'd love to showcase it to you and your team.

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