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Parim Exclusive Client Login improves services your company supply

Your client wants to know who is working tomorrow or at a specific time. Give your client access to PARiM and you can provide them with all the scheduling information they need.

You client has the opportunity to read your staff profiles and request staff by themselves.

Do you want to get your timesheets approved after the shift has finished?

PARiM provides the fastest way to get a timesheet approved and your invoice sent out.

Forget your time consuming approving process. Clock in and out using specifically developed mobile application and go totally paperless. No matter if it is your employee, your client or your organization, everybody can do it online. This means that as soon the shift has finished the client can approve it and it is ready for invoicing.

Automatic reminders and email notifications secure that everything is done on time.

PARiM is not just a tool. PARiM gives additional value to your company.

PARiM enables transparency which builds trust between your organization and your client. It is more than just a software.

So whether you’re a security company, cleaning contractor, facilities company, transport company or need an advanced Workforce Management application then PARiM is for you.

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