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Effortlessly manage your staff planning and scheduling online with PARiM workforce software

PARiM is a human resource planning and management application based in the cloud. This means that it can be accessed at any time without having to buy additional hardware or any other devices. The only requirement is an Internet connection and you can effortlessly log in to the system. It is so easy!

PARiM HRM is designed for companies providing human resources as a service. Typical users of the PARiM Workforce software are companies in the following industries: Security, Maintenance, Cleaning, Building, Facility management, etc.

PARiM is the best solution for:

Shift planning

Staff Management

Client Management

Event Management

Permanent Site Management

Absentees and holiday recording

Licence and qualification reminders


Remote Clock in/out application

Timesheet approving

Automatic invoicing

Messaging and notifications

Client login

Employee login

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